Juju Thanks

It’s been a back-to-back travel&food marathon for me and Patrick for the past month. We’ve traveled to Batangas, Baguio, Bacolod and Baler (all Bs!!!) all in a span of 4 weeks and my eating habits have gone completely haywire. Masarap talaga kasi kumain!!! Not to mention all the restaurant reviews I had to do for the few days I’d spend back in Manila. Needless to say, I was a monster—eating anything and everything. So as soon as I got back from Baler, I sent an SOS to my darling Kat Azanza, owner of Juju Eats and Juju Cleanse. She always saves me from tummy booboos with her juices and salads! I spent the whole weekend detoxing and now I feel lighter, cleaner and happier. My skin feels supple and soft again, more than weight loss, eto talaga ang habol ko! Hahaha! 

Their Juju Cleanse solos are the perfect supplements to your healthy meals. They give you the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that you need to strengthen your immune system, flush out the toxins, and keep your organs their much needed energy boost. It does wonders for your insides which reflects on the outside: shiny hair, clear skin, and if you really stick to the program— a sexier bod! Aside from their best selling veggie/fruit juices, they also have new additions like their Chocolate Nutmilk (made with cashew milk, honey, and raw cacao–for a guilt free chocolate fix), Cold Brew Coffee and Mocha Coffee. They have Veggie Crudites and Fruit Cups too if you want a healthy snack in between meals. I loved their Pineapple cup—fresh and all natural!

As for their salads, you can have them in the Juju Eats resto along Pasong Tamo or in my case, I have them to go. They come in cute brown boxes and stay fresh in the ref til the next day 🙂 I love their in house salads: Tuna Nicoise, the new Hainan Citrus Salad, Crispy Catfish are my faves! But if you are feeling a bit more creative, you can whip your own salad DIY style! They have a LOOOOOONG list of healthy ingredients to choose from, with several dressing choices as well. For this weekend, I went DIY all the way and enjoyed the different flavors. Hindi siya nakakasawa and all equally filling 🙂 Visit the Juju Eats website for more details on how you can add some good Juju into your system!

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