Just Another Tuesday

“Oh to be like You, give all I have just to know You. Jesus, there’s no one besides You.  Forever the hope in my heart. “

I’ve been having more and more of these “good-bad” days lately. Days that can’t seem to make up their minds. Days that swing from the far ends of each extreme within hours—from sheer happiness that one cannot contain to utter frustration that one cannot seem to face and then it’s joy joy joy, let’s do cartwheels in the park all over again. It’s dizzying. It’s overwhelming. But I guess this is the colorful life I’ve been destined to live. And I know this series of stark contrasts–of blissful moments and “bakit ba nangyayari ‘to?!?!!?” pits, is all part of the story God is writing for me. That’s why it’s been so hard to write on my blog lately, maybe because LIFE has just been happening and has become BIGGER than ever for me. I’ve just been living and reveling and struggling..it’s really hard to put it down into words. It’s hard to be witty, to be funny, to be entertaining when you’re not even close to figuring things out—parang “eh..ano..well..kasi..” HAHAHA 🙂 See, even this post doesn’t know where it’s headed!!! Gaaaakkkk!

I’ve spent half of this Tuesday in bed, with disheveled hair, swimming in a sea of receipts, bills, checkbooks, tax forms and insurance paperwork. This blog post is actually my “happy break”. Today is very REAL, today is not pretty, it’s quite boring and not instagrammable. But in the realness of it all, sa pagod at hirap ng buhay, is where I see God’s face the most. And his presence becomes so much more felt.

This morning Patrick and I just spent an extra 15 minutes longer in bed, just to hug each other and sing-along to songs on Spotify to entertain our baby in my belly (although with our off key singing, I think lalong nabulabog ang anak namin!). I knew that getting off our bed would mean facing the reality of the day, that I would have to face the 1,000 things on my list and Patrick would have to deal with 10,000 things on his (yes he works three times harder and he’s the one who’s surprisingly more calm!)— and having this little pocket of time, just 15 minutes was really a gift. A gift that I know I shouldn’t take for granted. To know that I’m soldiering on with this fella. And that I have a God who loves me, who loves me so much in fact that he assigned this man to be my kakampi. If you are reading this and are going through a roller coaster day, week, month or year—remember that you are not ALONE.  The Lord is walking you through this and he has also sent people to help you along the way! Try to look around you and appreciate the people that the Lord has assigned to soldier on with you: It could be your mom, your dad, your sister, your best friend, your spouse. Whoever it is, thank God for them and be a soldier for them too! 🙂 🙂

I don’t know how many more “good-bad” days I’ll have in the coming months, and frankly, I’m okay with not having a string of perfectly GOOD days too..because that would also be boring and uneventful. I’ve come to realize that more than hoping for the “good days” to come rolling, I should be praying for God’s grace to lead me through these unpredictable ones, that through all the YEYS and BOOOOOs, my understanding of God’s grace in my life would be constant and consistent 🙂

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  1. Ahhhh just what I needed Patty! Woke up at the bad side of the bed, received two pa-“bad vibes” mails while nursing my allergies and trying to drag my feet to work! But I am alive, I am able to walk, eat and breathe and I think that’s how God wanted me to deal this “random Tuesday”. I feel better knowing I am indeed not alone. 🙂

  2. i can really relate in this entry that I can’t keep myself not to put a comment here. truly, i am also thankful for the soldiers that God has given me this week; my boyfriend and friends. i can’t fathom the faith that my boyfriend has for reminding me each day to be thankful and hopeful to God despite of the many circumstances that we are facing everyday. thank you for the inspiration patty!

  3. I can relate with this, it’s good to read this and feel comfort from you. Thank you for inspiring your readers. ^_^

  4. This post is such a blessing. I’ve been experiencing the same thing lately. May the Lord bless you more,Patty. 🙂

  5. I always Thank God for giving me two adorable, sweet and loving children who serves as my soldiers especially in times of darkness and a bad day. But whenever i see them smile, laugh, even just looking at them while they are asleep, it makes me feel the relieved and say.. “Lord, salamat sa mga batang ito na ipinagkaloob mo sa amin, talagang nakakawala sila ng lungkot.. nakakatuwa sila.. maraming maraming salamat!”For sure, you’ll experience them too soon! 🙂

  6. Hello ate patty. Thanks for this post. I can relate big time. I am also reminded of the song by corrine may – angel in disguise. God uses people around us to uplift us when we’re down and discouraged. Ate patty, God uses you and your blog to inspire a lot of people, so, in one way, you are a soldier to us. God bless you po and your baby and mr. patrick. (.n_n.)

  7. Hi Patty. You’re truly an inspiration to me. For what it’s worth, my blog glassslipperinthedesert.wordpress.com was inspired from reading all your witty and meaningful articles. And you know, this post is so timely! Thank you! I’ve had my share of these “good-bad” days ever since I moved here in Dubai but you’re right, life is colorful that way and all we have to do is to live each day as it comes for God will take care of us. Keep inspiring people Patty. It would be really nice to meet you in person. 🙂

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