Just one of those days

It’s more FATTY LAUREL in the Philippines.
    Did you just say the F word?!?!? F-A-T?!?! Pfffft. It’s not that I actually feel fat, it’s just a general feeling of being unhealthy and sluggish. Regardless of your age, height, weight, or waist line, there are days when you just feel like you’re not in your best form. It’s that crap and a half kind of bleh-blah. It’s absolutely normal to feel like a blob sometimes, even perfectly shaped supermodels have these days too. Alam mo naman kami ni kumareng Giselle Bundchen at Alessandra Ambrosio…hayyy, we can totally relate! Just because we’re 6 footers with 20 inch waistlines doesn’t mean we don’t feel fat too..you know!??! Ayyy, mali..5’3′ lang pala ako with a XX-inch waistline. Darnit.
   Well, I’ve been binging like it’s the end of the world for the past few weeks and I can only blame myself for feeling this way. The other day, Patrick was lovingly reminding me to lower my sugar intake and I broke down in tears “BUT I CANT STOP!!! I LOVE FOOD TOO MUCH!!!”
    So my quick fix for banishing all the bad vibes in my bodehhhh is via the JUJU CLEANSE! So I called Kat Azanza to power me up with another cleanse 🙂 It’s the perfect way to rev up your organs and get rid of all that nasty toxins in your system. They have 1 day, 3 day, and even 7 day Juju Cleanse programs depending on your physical needs. They also deliver solo-sized bottles, which means you can order the flavors you actually like and incorporate a cleanse into your daily routine. If you’ve already been eating healthily, you can add the juices for that  extra boost of vitamins and minerals. 
   I’m giving away a pack of
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  1. Hey Patty! It was great to finally meet you yesterday. Excited to work on the children’s book series with you and Elbert. 🙂