Just You, Me and Our Family

Image by Mango Red

Lately, people have been expressing such genuine excitement for our wedding at sobrang nakakatuwa na maraming kinikilig para sa amin.What a gift indeed to feel so much love from friends, relatives and even strangers. And although I appreciate the genuine concern, I’m often too shy to open up about the exact details because we haven’t figured it all out yet at this point. When people randomly say “I’m sure you’re so busy with all the wedding planning” I just nod to save face and avoid the awkward small talk. Somehow people always associate wedding planning to stress, so it would seem impolite to tell them that our wedding planning is actually our happy stress buster. Truth is, we’re both busy with work and just dealing with the daily demands of life that taking time out to just sit and daydream about our wedding is our special bonding time as a couple. Our wedding planning is not 100% smooth sailing, we’ve encountered a few bumps on the road, but all within our control. Which has led me to think..should we be stressing over not being too stressed about our wedding? Oh dear! Are we wedding slackers who are just chillin’ like villains? Hehehe 🙂 Well, I guess it’s just our approach as a couple..we’re taking it easy and figuring it out as we go along. There’s comfort in trusting that God knows the desires of our hearts and He will make things fall into place. 
I’m currently on holiday with some buddies in Bicol. We spent the whole morning on a bangka with sweet couple Joseph and Rica  and we started talking about our upcoming wedding. It was the first time I got to really express what type of wedding I’ve always envisioned and it helped to have Rica’s validation and encouragement. 
Everything’s still a big fluffy blur but one thing’s for sure: I’ve always wanted to have a small wedding. And by small, I mean really small. To put it in clearer terms: Me, Patrick, The Minister, my family, his family and our tiny entourage. My dream is to have a quiet and solemn ceremony with just our close knit circle of loved ones. Pat and I are extremely friendly people, we have sooooo many friends from here and there! Each person we consider a “friend” is valuable to us and has touched us in their own unique way. But at the end of the day, we have to remember that we’re only getting married once..and we’d like to do it OUR WAY. So as a couple we’d like to celebrate it quietly with only our families. We’re still planning to have a fun celebration with all our wonderful friends from school, church, work, etc. maybe a few days before or after, but the actual ceremony we’d like to keep as simple and meaningful as possible. This is something Patrick and I have been praying fervently for, that people will respect our decision to keep it small on our BIG day. 
Rica shared something with me that immediately put my heart at ease. She told me “A friend should be a blessing and not a burden. Your real friends will bless you by gracefully accepting your decision to keep it small. At the end of the day, it’s your wedding and people who truly love you will be happy for you and Patrick no matter what.” This does make sense. I feel so confident that I will be blessed more than burdened by my friends, I’d like to believe that our peers and relatives are sensible and considerate and would completely understand us.
After being so encouraged by Rica and Joseph, we’re now motivated to really sit down and plot out our wedding details. We have our wedding elves (our parents, siblings, and trusty bridesmaids) on standby already so it’s time for us to keep this ball rolling! We’re so blessed to have booked all the major suppliers we trust, mostly good friends as well, so it’s just a matter of actually finding direction for all these scattered ideas. I’m so excited!!!!! Ahhhh!!!! My MOH Alessa suggested that I should dedicate at least 1 post each week for wedding inspiration just to make me feel more like a serious “bride-y” hahaha 🙂 So bear with me folks as I gush about pretty weddings and craft ideas, hopefully you’ll be able to find these wedding ideas and discoveries useful as you plan your future weddings too! So this is really is it, pansit!!!:) 

11 Responses to Just You, Me and Our Family

  1. Patty dear, I can feel your excitement from THERE to HERE! 😀 SO happy for you and Patrick!

    Ito na, it is right that the people who love you dearly will understand your decisions (it is your wedding anyways). Buti ka pa, once a week lang balak mo! I used to own an account sa isang wedding announcer site na di pa uso ang blogging those times! hahaha, so ayun…mega announce ako on updates on booking suppliers, my feelings etc..on almost a daily basis! And it’s fun to look back talaga so go ahead with your plan! I’d love to read your whereabouts and you know I’m here if you need some help! 😀 Goodluck!

  2. For some reason, I find this post very comforting. I guess I like the idea, the vision of having an intimate wedding as well. It’s refreshing to learn that you are far from being a bridezilla! Haha. I am excited for The Pats! Can’t wait for your wedding updates. 🙂 God bless.

  3. Very Inspiring. My boyfriend and I were also planning our wedding for next year. And we are on the same page. keep it small yet very meaningful. Thanks for this post, it made me realized that yes, if they are really true friends of ours, they will be happy for us no matter what. Respect is the key. Thanks Patty! 🙂

  4. there is always grandeur in small and simple weddings. like how you chose the lucky man, you have all the right to choose how to execute every plan. 🙂 i noticed too that the image was mango red’s; they do things flawlessly!!

  5. Galing, Patty. And no, you are not slackers! You guys are simply being…yourselves! Some do it in 2 weeks, some 1 year, but it doesn’t matter. Just trust that when you finally work on it, focus on it 100%, and it will be SIMPLY beautiful. ❤

  6. Hay. “I’m so proud of you anak!” Kidding. But seriously, I am with the “proud” part. Hahaha..There was a time during our wedding preps when I actually felt for all the couples getting married because of the pressure that society puts on them. I can’t wait for weddings in the Philippines to be more solemn & private so that the couple can focus on the truest meaning of marriage. I’m so happy with your decision. You’re not just doing it for yourself actually, you’re doing it for our society (to finally get rid of the mala-baranggay guest lists). Hehehe 🙂

  7. I’m a former hotelier and I’ve witnessed big and grand weddings, even had mine as such… It’s a wonderful mess! Hehe I mean, yeah chaos with so many guests but I feel so happy that I don’t regret celebrating it big time after all it’s once in a lifetime experience. I respect ur decision for having a small and simple wedding ceremony though.

  8. Great post, Ms Patty (soon to be Mrs Filart)! I am planning a wedding too, less than 100 guests… and by Asian standards, we know that that is small.

    But, like you, I want each person there to be truly special to us. And surely, really good and true friends will understand our decisions. 🙂

    Happy preps sa inyo! 🙂

  9. ms.patty your love stories and wedding planning stories,were my favorite part of your everyday blogpost..i hope you’ll post more about it..since it really inspires me,and i actually find a post here about you and your fiance mr.pat,whenever i feel lonely and feel unloved.you are also helpful in a little way to keep my hopes up to meet my mr.right..hehe sorry for being to mushy here..god will always bless you..and rest assured…your wedding and marriage life that is soon to takeplace 🙂