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I’m not a mom and I don’t have any immediate plans to become one soon, but I often find myself blog-hopping to my friend Amanda’s mommy blog called GLAM-O-MAMAS. Ever since she became a mother, Amanda has transformed into this ball of sunshine! She has inspired me to make little changes in my daily habits..and although I have A LOOOONG way to go, I’m encouraged to adapt a healthier and happier way of life too. I asked her to send me some of her beauty/health tips and she happily obliged! So today I’d love to share this very generous and practical post by down-to-earth beauty, Amanda Griffin-Jacob. 🙂 I actually bumped into her this morning at the mall, she didn’t have a spot of makeup on but managed to still look so fresh! That alone is reason enough to follow her tips. You don’t have to make a complete paradigm shift overnight, think “baby steps, baby steps” 🙂 Hope you pick up a few tips from Amanda in her article below. 

In the last few years I have become increasingly sensitive about health, well-being and all around happiness. I attribute this to becoming a mother to my beautiful baby boy. Once you have a child and are 100% responsible for his essential life building blocks (physical, mental, spiritual) most people feel an awesome responsibility to try to provide the very best for their child’s development. This led me in pursuit of knowledge on general health and wellness for my family. As a result I am now a vegan who is passionate about holistic and natural living and being.

Recently I took the next step. From food to products (both skin/beauty and household). I have been researching all-natural goods for my family and myself as the products we use externally affect us almost as much as the food we choose to put in our bodies. Toxins are abundant in our world (from the air we breathe, to the water we drink to the food we eat) but people rarely think about the stuff we put on our skin and in our hair or even what we use to clean our homes.

Out went most of my commercial products that I have been using for most of my life and in came the natural, chemical-free (as much as possible), planet-friendly products. Credit is due to my holistic gurus who are seasoned veterans of natural living and being. They (tirelessly) answer all of my questions and help me understand this lifestyle better. For anyone out there who is interested in making changes for the better in their lives I highly recommend a visit to their sites and facebook pages.

Carissa Leventis-Cox of Mama in the Kitchen and She ain’t Cooking. She is an advocate for children’s health and nutrition and wants to inspire other mothers in their own kitchens to better the health of their families through research, tips and raw vegan recipes that take less than 30 minutes of actual work. Carissa contributes to PETA, Healthy Child Healthy World, Glam-O-Mamas, Carolina Farmer Stewardship, and Raw Mom. Visit for her wonderful blog.

Asha Peri of Dahon Kusina ( Asha is a raw food chef who gives workshops on raw food preparation and the principles behind holistic health and living. Some of my most valuable lessons and insights have come from her.

And finally my sister Anna Griffin who is the founder & editor in Chief of Coco Eco Magazine ( It is an international, online, eco-chic lifestyle brand celebrating sustainable fashion, natural and organic beauty and lifestyle products as well as celebrity and culture. Good. Green. Glam. Anna is my go-to person for beauty products for my skin, face and hair.

Life is so beautiful and we should try to live it as naturally as possible in order to help preserve our planet and ourselves. Here is a list of some of what I do and use to take care of my skin and body.


1) Hot Yoga: I practice both Bikram and Hot Flow. Hot yoga is so good for you because it helps your body detoxify impurities (by sweating) and the focused deep breathing assists your psyche by means of meditation. The direct result is the elimination of anxiety, toxins and as an added bonus you lose weight too.

2) Raw food: I’m not 100% raw but I try to have at least 2 of my meals raw. Raw food benefits include: increased energy, easier and faster digestion and increased nutritional value from food. Foods that are cooked lose enzymes, nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

3) Dry Skin Brushing: I try to do dry skin brushing everyday (as much as I can anyway) for daily detoxification. As we know, our skin is not only the largest organ that we have but also one of our most significant for elimination processes.

Skin Brushing helps your lymph system clean itself of toxins that gather in the lymph glands. This easy method improves the surface circulation and keeps pores open which encourages your body’s elimination of metabolic waste. It also feels great and revitalizing! I use those body brushes that you can find in the Body Shop. You can google videos on the method of dry skin brushing.

4) We all know how important good old agua is. It happens to be one of the only things I drink. I don’t drink soft drinks or juice. I rarely drink alcohol. At most I will have green tea once in a while. I begin my day with a cup of hot water and a lemon slice to alkalize my body.

1) Argan Oil: Melvita Huile D’Argan (Argan Oil). I’m a very recent devotee. How could I have not known about this wondrous oil. Carissa and Daphne Osena-Paez highly recommended Argan Oil to me. I use this as my daily moisturizer. And surprisingly it does not give off an oily sheen (even though it is an oil).

The Argan Tree is found on the Moroccan coast and produces an oil that is exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids and sterols. It has been known for centuries for its repairing properties on dry and sensitive skin and for its moisturizing and protecting qualities. It is amazing on your nails and hair too.

2) Skin Deep Tangerine Moisturizer
In my opinion Australians and New Zealanders make some of the best all-natural products. For some reason, they just seem more in tune with the natural elements than other nations who produce tons of skincare products.

Skin Deep blends the best of essential 
oils and pure natural ingredients indigenous to the 
Australian outback into a rich product range for hands, lips and skin.

This moisturizer is a blend of Rose geranium, which is the female hormone balancing essential oil, and tangerine, which is fresh, uplifting and slightly astringent.

I use this as a night moisturizer mostly because it literally makes me shine! I have found that I can use it during the day in Hong Kong wintertime because the weather is so drying.

3) Virgin Coconut Oil: Virgin Coconut oil is used for everything in my house from eating to moisturizing to massaging. It really is all you need. Not to mention how delicious does it smell? And how abundant is it in our country? So wonderful!

If I was going to recommend nothing else it would be Virgin Coconut oil that I buy from The Farm San Benito.

4) Dr. Bronner’s Magic Pure Castile Classic Soaps in Lavender Liquid
This soap is an all-vegetable based soap that I use for both my face and body. It is a real ecological and simple soap made of olive oil. I love the added lavender because of the calming effect this scent has.

Visit Amanda’s Blog for more health and wellness tips!

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