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One of the things I’m most grateful for about this pregnancy would be it’s timing. It came at a perfect time in our marriage–not too soon that would cause us to panic and yet not too late that would cause us to be impatient, it all just happened right smack at the center of God’s orchestrated plan. Speaking of good timing, as most of you know one of my closest girlfriends Kelly is also expecting and it’s been amazing journeying with her these past 9 months. I thank God for making our pregnancies coincide! Yesterday we were whats-apping each other at 630AM about our back pains and breastfeeding fears, and just having a friend to sort of ping-pong these real concerns to meant so much! When our babies arrive, I’m sure we’ll be texting each other even more! Good luck to us both as we welcome the sleepless nights and piles of poop. It will be tiring and draining, but totally worth it for sure 🙂

Carlos and Kelly are one of our favorite couples ever, they’re such good natured people and I just know that they’ll make amazing parents. They’re just so in-sync with one another and I’m always a witness to how loving and considerate they are towards each other—I won’t be surprised if this LOVE expands even more as they welcome their little bundle of joy.

Just like Carlos and Kelly, Patrick and I have decided to become pro-active parents. We may not be PERFECT parents (oh, believe me that’s NOT the goal! Hahaha!), but we want to be parents that are decisive, intentional and wise when it comes to our kids. This is one of the reasons why we’ve all decided to sign with CORD LIFE PHILIPPINES. The slogan itself really challenges you to think–“One Chance, One Choice”. The birth of your child just happens once and just as I’ve told you about the value of good timing in pregnancy, good timing is also something that should not be taken for granted when it comes to your child’s birth. Cord Blood Banking and Stem Cell Banking may seem quite intimidating to address at first (I too had my questions and concerns as well), but if you take time to really do the research—you’ll be surprised how this all makes sense and can create such a huge impact on your child’s health and the health of your family members too. Before I signed as an ambassador of the brand, I really wanted to immerse myself in all the information available about the science behind it. Unlike most of my endorsements, this was something that was extra personal because it involved my son and I just had to be extra thorough! In a nutshell, your child’s cord blood can 1)Replace and regenerate damaged or diseased bone marrow 2) Treatment for blood cancers 3) Correct genetic defects (sibling/allogeneic transplantation) 4) Potential for cellular therapy and regenerative medicine. The science and technology behind cord blood banking is continuously evolving and improving so you can expect more developments in the coming months and years. I suggest you read more about it before making a decision—this is serious stuff and should not be taken lightly! Check out their site HERE.

Here’s a photo shoot we did for CORD LIFE PHILIPPINES. I love the photos captured by the talented Jaja Samaniego and the guys at Happy Folks Studio. Thanks also to Margaux Alampay for dressing us up in bump friendly clothes and to Czari Domingo for our fresh makeup and Marie Tan for our hair 🙂 🙂 And thank you again to our CORD LIFE PHILIPPINES family for taking good care of our babies!!!

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