Ketchup and Seagulls

Photobombed by a Seagull

My body has been out of whack lately maybe because of the weather or my hormones, or both..eeepppp. Anyway, I thought I’d share how incredibly annoying I could be at times (okay, fine MOST of the time sounds more accurate). Patrick and I miraculously made it through 3 weeks without a single fight (and for married people, that deserves a slow clap!). I know of some couples who NEVER fight and that just fascinates me, how is it possible to not disagree?!? I mean, hooray for them for living the ideal but for the rest of us flawed mortals, disagreements and conflict are attached to all our relationships. We are built to be different, to think/act/conduct ourselves in our own unique ways—so yes, conflict with others seems inevitable especially in a marriage setting where you really allow yourself to be fully vulnerable out of love. I sound like a broken record here but wow, it’s really all by God’s grace lang talaga that you can survive the discord. It’s because of God’s grace, it doesn’t become a “He’s Right, She’s Wrong” but rather a “Because of God’s love” kind of relationship that definitely trumps any other standard the world has subscribed for us. 

Anyway yesterday at lunch time, Patrick and I were looking for a place to eat. We considered the pretty restaurants by the Harbor but upon checking with the current status of Pat’s wallet, it just seemed too much of a splurge for us. We still had pasalubongs to buy for our family, so it made more sense to forego the nice lunch and just have a simple burger so we could spend the money saved for our loved ones instead. Sure, it probably wouldn’t be as instagram worthy—but it was food and food is always a blessing! 

My darling husband, the consummate gentleman that he is, told me to grab a seat as he made his way to brave the long lines at Hungry Jacks. I found a free chair and sat there for a few minutes then a dark cloud just suddenly appeared on top of me. It was happening. Oh dear. Here it goes. MY BAD MOOD was creeping up on me. Suddenly, the table I was parked at appeared dirtier than it was 5 minutes ago (I spotted food stains streaked across) and the trash bin’s smell somehow managed to give me a whiff and that was it—my BAD MOOD officially started. I went to the line and told Patrick to just get the food to go so we could find a park bench to sit in instead. Without asking why, my Patrick just gave in to my request and within 5 minutes he had a brown paper bag in one hand and the drinks in another. He handed me a pile of tissues and ketchup packets to carry. When we got to our selected bench, one ketchup packet fell on the ground and I just let out a loud grunt. I was soooooo mad at that ketchup packet! In my head I was like, seriously brotha?!?! You wanted to just jump out of my hand and be free?!?!

Then I started eating my burger and fries and then an army of seagulls came flocking—giving me the stink eye that bullies usually give to the little wimps in class. The seagulls definitely had that “Asan na yung baon mo?!?!” look—ready to attack any minute, looking at me fiercely and ready to peck me down ’til I surrender my fries. This totally stressed me out!!!! They were motioning towards me and I was having a serious panic attack. I’ve loved seagulls all my life but all of a sudden I really, really, really was terrified of them at that moment. So I just dumped my food back into the brown paper bag and just let out another grunt. This time with extra dragon steam through my nose. I was being a brat and my mood just completely enveloped me—leaving me completely irrational and idiotic. Through all this of course, my husband was just watching me and letting me have my grumpy pants moment—I find out later that he was just laughing inside at how crazy and overly dramatic I was acting. Getting angry over jumping ketchup packets and fun loving seagulls who wanted to steal my fries. Okay, it does sound hilarious but when you’re in a bad mood, everything just seems 10x more annoying and irritating than it really is. 

I ate my burger and fries with my full “I hate the world” mask on. I didn’t say a word but my crumpled face was more than enough to send a loud message. Patrick just munched on happily and didn’t mind me. We finished our lunch and then the bad mood switch just shut off in an instant. I stood there realizing how incredibly shallow and annoying I was and how I ruined a perfectly romantic picnic with my husband—all because I was in a bad mood. Instead of appreciating the prudence of my husband who would rather go on a simple lunch than blow our entire budget on a fancy meal or appreciating the seagulls who wanted to chill with us and make it a real picturesque “You are in Sydney” moment—I was busy being pissed off for no particular reason. We crossed the street and I gave my husband a hug and said sorry for my bad mood. Pat hugged me back and as we walked back to the hotel, he did a complete re-enactment of my “Galit sa Ibon” hissy fit with matching rolling of eyes, grunts, squinting eyes and all out sungit. I kept laughing at how spot on he was and embarrassed at the same time. He even teased that he knew exactly what I was thinking at the moment but just chose to give me my space so I could ease out of it. He said my frame of thinking was “I’m angry. He didn’t do anything. But I want to blame him for it just because!!!!” HAHAHAHA! And yes, that was what I had in my mind. My natural instinct was to blame someone for the “bad” things happening to me—but thankfully I was convicted in my thoughts and backtracked with that one. I knew that my bad mood was clouding my judgment so through my bad mood I was praying for God to guard my tongue, that I wouldn’t say something to stir things up with Patrick and that I would just let it pass. So I sat there, obviously annoyed but still by God’s grace holding my tongue. I still wasted a good 30 minutes because of my bratty display, but because I asked for God to help me at my time of weakness—I saved myself and my husband from a possible long and arduous fight. 

This whole incident taught me a lot of things. 1)Seagulls are our friends 2)Ketchup packets don’t jump—they FLY! 3)Sometimes we are so consumed with finding fault over the small things that we miss out on the glory of the BIG picture and how God is working in our lives. Focus your energy on the positive! 4) When bad things happen, don’t point the blame on to others—or worse, don’t blame God! 5)Bad things happen all the time, but it doesn’t mean you have to have a BAD attitude towards LIFE because of it. 6) When you know you did something wrong, learn how to say sorry thoughtfully. 7)When you find yourself thinking irrational, unfair, and sinful thoughts—PRAY. Ask God to fill your mind and heart with things that would honor him. Yes, even if it involves ketchup packets. 

13 Responses to Ketchup and Seagulls

  1. LOVE THIS POST. You’ve always struck me as such a smiley happy-go-lucky person, and it’s such a relief to know that you’re human too! Thank you for the funny and thoughtful story. 🙂 Next time I catch myself snarling and emitting steam from my nose over the smallest and pettiest reasons, I’ll think of this. Thank you!

  2. THIS. IS SO SPOT ON! An argument was brewing earlier with my S.O. and I was trying to be as calm as possible, holding my tongue, etc. Couldn’t imagine you having a hissy fit, but thanks again for sharing that you’re a very normal human.

  3. Very nice read! And I can well relate! Super natawa ako “flying” ketchup packets.

  4. Waaah, Patty! I can sooo relate to this now! (Well, except that I’m not yet married). But yeah, this post really, really helps me right now. Thanks so much for sharing these kinds of “life lessons” with us, your readers, because they truly open our eyes to the brighter side of life. 🙂


  5. Thank you for sharing this! Last week, I was also in a bad mood and it was about to spill over onto my actual words/actions. It was a difficult time and I kept on praying for the Lord to keep me calm and to heal my soul. I knew that the problem was mine alone but still I felt like lashing out on others which is so unfair. Thankfully, the “negative aura” passed. Now, I think that that moment happened because it was an opportunity to reflect and to test my respect and sensitivity

  6. It’s so easy to give reason for acting on the emotions we feel. I learned this in yesterday’s sunday service.

    “Life is 10% what happens to you. 90% is how you react to it.”

    Before responding, PRAY
    R=resist the first impulse
    A=ask the Holy Spirit
    Y=yield, obey

  7. Patrick really is your perfect match. He knew you we’re just having a bad moment and doesn’t judge and pick fight with you for being so bratty at the moment. Or maybe he was just too hungry to start a fight, joke! hahaha. I don’t know if Patrick reads the comment section of your blog, but I just want to sincerely thank him for taking care and making you, Mrs. Patty (my idol, life peg, role model ),so happy.

    Love Lots,

  8. Hehe, you also get annoyed and irritable when hungry? Once had that shift in mood in front of the customer and it took a lot to control the tone of my voice while at the back of my mind I was thinking “Maaaam, what is so difficult to understand with what I am explaining?” Since then, I make sure to eat before meetings that stretch to lunch time. 🙂

  9. Oh my! Relate to the max! I think most of us girls are like this. We tend to have bad mood and wants to blame that onto something or someone. Fortunately, lately hindi na ako masyadong nag gaganito sa bf ko. But yes you’re right Ms. Pat, if we can’t help to get annoyed or angry the best thing we could at least do is to try not to say anything that may cause arguments or can hurt other people.

  10. Thank you for sharing this! Last week, I was also in a really bad mood and it was on the verge of influencing my actual words/actions. I knew that that the problem was mine alone but still, I felt like lashing out on others (which is so unfair). It was a difficult time but I kept on praying for God to heal my soul. Thankfully, I did not have any outbursts and the negative aura eventually went away.

    I think we experience such moments so that God can give us an opportunity to reflect and teach us how to remain kind and respectful in all circumstances 🙂 May God bless you abundantly, Ms. Patty!

  11. Thank you this reminder Ms Patty. Today, I am reminded to always guard my tongue. You are such an inspiration. God bless you Ms Patty 🙂

  12. Omg!!! That’s so me and my husband!!! Grabe. 3 weeks without a single fight? Seriously?! Wow!!! Congratulations!!! Hehehehe. I can relate to your post very very much! Thanks for sharing something like this. Very common on couples.