Kickin’ it Old School, Grade school

Here’s a quick post, folks! Just sharing some photos from a recent day trip to Sonya’s Tagaytay with my 3 gradeschool buddies: Sheila, Stella, and Alissa. These girls have been my dearest friends through all my life phases–1) chubby phase, 2) chubby and awkward phase, 3) chubby and awkward with braces phase, 4) chubby and awkward with braces and buhaghag hair phase—and today, 5)my “mukha ka ng tao” phase!:) I love you girls so much and I hope we can make our “girly dates” a more regular thing! 
I will always be a fan of Sonya’s food! I love Sonya’s secret salad dressing, a forever favorite.
And our “acting-acting” in the garden began…Patty and Sheila in our most SEN-SHOO-WOOOS poses. May hawak pa ako sa dahon for extra sensuous-ness!!! While si Sheila mukhang Lolita!:)
Pssstttt… Bata! Bawal ka dito!!!! 
And out from the bushes, TADAHHHH!!! BULAGA!!! We were shocked to see a Quiet Zone sign that reminded us of our gradeschool Noisy and Standing days! We were always on that list! Hahaha!
Stella trying to be Queen Elizabeth and I her, faithful knight. 
Til our next date, girlies!!!:)

2 Responses to Kickin’ it Old School, Grade school

  1. Patty hanggang ngayon, pag mag-isa ako naiisip ko si Beyond Scents Knowles, natatawa parin ako mag-isa!! Super kababawan!! Thank you guys for an awesome day 🙂