Kid-Friendly Snack Attacks

Whenever I drop by Healthy Options (I’m usually a regular at the Greenbelt/Aura branches), I always cruise by the kid/baby goods aisles to pick up some snacks. Patrick and I don’t have kids yet (though we act immaturely on most days, hehehe! That’s another story!) but we do like munching on these snacks. Most of you will be heading out of town this week, so you might wanna check out these happy and healthy munchies!

SNACKIMALS: These are 100% All Natural made of all the “good stuff” you’d like to find in a cookie. They aren’t too sweet so it’s perfect for snacking in the car or while watching a movie. Alessa introduced me to the chocolate chip version and I’ve been hooked ever since!
YUMEARTH ORGANICS GUMMY BEARS: I love gummy bears! Who doesn’t?!?! But as the label says, these gummies are made with ORGANIC fruit juice and have zero artificial colors and flavors 🙂 It’s fat free and gluten free too!

BOB’S RED MILL WHOLE ALMONDS: These are healthy munchies for the kiddies because they can be enjoyed without salt/sugar. They’re delicious on their own and packed with lots of nutrients!

Love Food, Don’t Waste Tip: Barley, brown rice and whole-wheat pasta are economical whole-grain choices. Shop around to find the best price on more expensive whole grains, such as quinoa and wild rice.

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  1. Weee thanks for sharing these. At least I now have an idea, what to get for my kiddo the next time I drop by Healthy Options. I always go there to buy my fave “Sahale Valdosta Pecans” and some of their sugar free and gluten free treats ^_^
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