Kiwa Korean Grill

Filipinos are clearly obsessed with all things Korean— from the fashion to K-POP music and of course, we all LOVE Korean food! If you’re looking to re-ignite your love Korean cuisine, you should definitely consider KIWA in SOLAIRE. Possibly the very first FINE DINING Korean Barbecue Restaurant in the Philippines, KIWA offers a completely different grill experience for the more discerning foodie. Think LUXE Korean BBQ—they use only the finest Grade A+ Wagyu and USDA meats for grilling and only the freshest and most premium ingredients for their appetizers to mains. The lovely Mish of was sweet enough to host me and my family last Sunday and we all had such a wonderful time. It was a fun foodie adventure because my Dad’s ate  (ay, YOUNGER sister pala, hehehe) Tita Luchie and my cousins Astrid&Simon, and Theo’s gwapo kuyas Benjamin and Lucas joined us too.

“Kiwa” is actually the term used to describe the roof tiles used in traditional Korean homes. So this perfectly represents the “home” vibe you’ll feel in the restaurant. The interiors alone are very impressive–trust me, you’ll feel like you were transported to Seoul! Just to prove how authentic it looks, I snapped a few photos and posted it on my Instagram/FB right away. A friend of mine messaged me on Facebook a few hours later “Hey Patty, I was going to invite you guys for dinner—but sayang, you guys are in Korea pala now!” Hahahaha! I had to tell him that we were actually in Manila and that Kiwa was just so genuinely Korean! Every thing was flown in from Korea—from the chairs, tables, cups, plates, even the exhaust system!

And the best part, you can actually enjoy grilling without having to worry about smelling like charcoal by the end of your meal. Don’t you just hate it when your hair reeks of smoke after dinner??? Ugh, certainly a pet peeve of mine!  “Our kitchen is top-notch, all imported from Korea. We have a state-of-the-art exhaust system under the restaurant so all the smoke is ventilated under the floor. It is the best technology in Korea, so when you dine at Kiwa you will not smell like smoke and barbecue,” claims Chief Finance Officer, Noel Corpus.

Now, let’s talk about the food! How I wish I was a better food writer so I could entice you more–but my culinary vocabulary is admittedly very limited, so I won’t even try! Hahaha! I will just write as a regular Manileno who likes to eat 🙂 My ultimate favorite was the PUMPKIN SALAD! I was actually quite surprised to discover how much I actually enjoyed this starter–to think I’m not exactly a big Pumpkin fan! It had mashed pumpkin mixed with assorted nuts with assorted seasonal vegetable with sesame seed dressing. I also recommend ordering the Gobachi, it’s basically a platter of scallop sashimi, steamed shrimp, salmon sashimi, steamed octopus and marinated tomato. It’s a really good starter sampler that allows you to have a bit of everything. The Japchae and Pajeon of course were Korean sure bets and really tasty 🙂 But of course the superstars were the premium grilled meats—SO GOOD!!! Hayyyyyyy!

“Kiwa’s menu is a collaboration of their Korean chefs, headed by chef Gi Won Park. The taste of each dish is noticeably clean and refined.  “The recipes are authentic  however, sometimes we have to change the service sequence. In Korea, the rice, soup and noodles are served after the grilled meat.  Because we believe that if you eat rice, you cannot truly taste the meat. But Filipinos demand their rice with the main course so we have to accommodate that,” explains Park. Kiwa is located at Solaire Resort & Casino.  Call (+632) 888 8888 or log on to

Here are some photos from our family fun Sunday at KIWA 🙂 🙂

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