Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Happy New Year Everyone!:) Ooohhh..New Year! Maybe I should ask Pat to propose to me all over again, only this time we’ll have electricity and he’ll pop the question in CHINESE!! Oohhh, JOY!:) Although I look a little Chinese, we don’t practice any Chinese traditions at home. I don’t know much about the Chinese horoscope so I decided to do a little research today. I’m really not a big believer, but there’s no harm in reading about it and seeing how some things actually make a lot of sense.

First of all, I’m a PIG. Hindi po ako bakla, hindi rin po ako babae, BABOY po ako. BABOYYYYY!!! You know like Rudy Fernandez..oops, DA BOY pala yun. (Just kidding..much respect to the legend!) So I searched randomly on google “Pig Fortune for Year of the Dragon” and I actually stumbled across some very interesting facts.

1.) Apparently, we’re not JUST regular people, we’re PIG PEOPLE.
When Pig people encounter difficulties, obstacles or even misfortune, as long as you keep your optimistic, enterprising and positive mind, someone will appear to help you to overcome trouble.” 
“If Pig people want to look for a closer love relationship, then the Dragon year is the time to try”

“No matter how old they get, Pig people still only see and believe that all men/women are basically good. Pig people constantly sacrifice their own happiness and comfort for the sake of somebody else”

2.) This looks like a promising year for PIGGIES!

“In 2012, the Pig is supported by the star of intelligence and power. This is an incredible force for promoting luck, good reputation, travel, and abundant happiness. There is also a romance star in the Pig’s 2012 forecast that can lead to marriage and makes it easy to fall in love with a fantastic person. Even when things get tough, the star of mercy brings compassionate people to the Pig who share kind blessings with them.”

HEY. Not bad! Smart, powerful, traveler who will marry and fall in love with a fantastic person!?!? I like this year already! Thank you dragon people on behalf of the pig people all over the world 🙂 
3.) Piggies should stay away from Snakes and Rams and hang out with the Sheeps and Rabbits.
Like duh. Why would you wanna hang with jungle creatures??? Pigs should chill with fellow farm animals!!! Have you seen a pig talking to a snake? Not happening. Snakes are the gangstas of the animal kingdom (you Snake people know what I mean!). Dun na tayo sa bunnies and sheep! Let’s keep to the theme of having only cute and cuddly friends! 
4.) I’m a total BABE. 
I’m a babe, but not a chicka-babe. But a BABE as in the baboy in the movie!!! 
5.) Dog+Pig
So Pat is a dog and I’m a pig. So apparently according to the Chinese predictions, dogs and pigs get along because they’re able to “share their thoughts and feelings” NAAAKS. Pwede. 🙂 
Regardless of your sign and fortune, at the end of the day you have FULL control over your 2012. Armed with a lot of faith, wisdom, and courage..I think we all have the capacity to make this year wonderful!!!:)  It’s a year of many possibilities! Happy New Year!! 🙂

10 Responses to Kung Hei Fat Choi!

  1. Awww nakakatuwa naman Miss Patty. I belong to the PIG pen too. (hehe I’m a 1995 baby) Thank you sa post mo na’to at nagood vibes ang 2012 ko!! ^___________^

  2. Awww…can’t help commenting. I’m a pig and my hubby is a dog! So thats why…(eveything makes sense now hihi)

    Btw i’m one of your old schoolmates form tchr flora’s school…younger batch 😉

  3. i’m not also a believer when it comes to horoscope but chinese astrology is very interesting and has become one of my annual guilty pleasures.
    You are a proof that “piggies” will be blessed in love in 2012, there’s still chance for the rest of us. hehehe…