La Petite Camille

In the middle of a chaotic work week, my good friend Kelly  arranged for a double date for the Fernandezes and Filarts. Unfortunately, my husband got stuck in a morning meeting that extended until lunch time so the double date turned into me third wheeling at Kelly and Carlos’ lunch date. Hehehe 🙂 It was nice to take a mandatory break from work to hang out with this easy-going couple. I was starting to burn out thinking of a million things all at once—case in point, I was about to head to Trinoma after lunch to host an event–it’s a good thing Kelly reminded me that it was in Shangrila! Ano ba yan! Hahaha! Over lunch, Kelly, Carlos and I chatted about our newlywed mishaps, the chores we abhor, and the bills we despise. It’s such a relief to discuss these things with fellow newlyweds, couples who are also starting from scratch just like us, it’s validation that Patrick and I are “normal” after all. Hahaha!
We decided to meet at LA PETITE CAMILLE. Kelly received an invitation from the owners and said we should give it a try. I love Vietnamese food so it was an easy YES when Kelly suggested it!The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of the Greenbelt 5, within the line of restaurants. 

Although the name sounds very French, you’ll be surprised to discover that this is actually an authentic Vietnamese restaurant. “La Petite Camille started in the USA when its founder and creative culinary inspiration, Mama Fong, emigrated to the United States from Vietnam in 1992. Mama Fong brought with her her passion for cooking that finds its ultimate enjoyment in seeing her restaurant’s patrons enjoying the dishes she freshly prepares herself using her own unique family recipes. La Petite Camille is actually French for “little girl, Camille” which reflects the French culinary influence of Vietnamese cuisine as Vietnam was actually a French protectorate for many years prior to its independence.”– La Petite Camille PR

The sunny yellow interiors was very inviting. We asked the waitress for her recommendations and ordered several dishes to share. Since their servings are quite generous, I say this would be an ideal resto for Sunday family gatherings or casual get togethers with officemates. You could enjoy your meals “family-style” by ordering a couple of viands and dishes which you could all sample freely. Here are the tasty dishes I would recommend for first timers at La Petite Camille 🙂

1) Summer Rolls: Something light but tasty to have as your starter. This is also great for those who are on a health conscious diet since it’s NOT fried and packed with veggies!
2.) Beef Look Luck: Carlos loved this dish and I can imagine Patrick would love this too. It’s satisfying and filling for a meat lover’s tummy.
3.) Pomelo Salad: Here’s another refreshing Vietnamese favorite! Indulge in the sweet and tangy pomelo chunks in a bed of lettuce with a special dressing.
 4.) Fillet Catfish in Claypot: If you are looking for a fish dish with a bit of kick, this one’s for you! The sauce is very flavorful so if you drizzle it over your rice—kaboom!!! Sarap talaga!
5.) Beef or Chicken Pho. This is the REAL DEAL. The perfect RAINY DAY comfort food especially after a crappy day at work! 
Thanks again La Petite Camille for your kind invitation. 🙂
Photos from Kelly Misa and La Petite Camille PR team.

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