Lago di Como

My one and only sibling, Daniela and my bro-in-law Stefano, have been based in Lake Como, Italy for over a year now. The last time I was here, it was a bitter cold winter and we barely spent time outdoors. This time, it’s the complete opposite as summer has finally made its way to the lake and everyone’s (and I mean EVERYONE) been sunbathing like beached whales. These Europeans and their banana hammocks, tsk tsk tsk, made me appreciate our sensible and modest Pinoy boys in their board shorts even more.  If you think you’ve got it, please…please..for the sake of all humanity..please don’t flaunt it! 
We invited a few friends from Milan, including our fellow Manilena Mich, for some sunbathing by the lido. 🙂 Just a lazy, sunny Sunday with no big plans..just the way I like it! 🙂


Here’s a track by Italian singer, Maria Gadu. This is my official summer anthem! 🙂

6 Responses to Lago di Como

  1. looks like you guys had fun! 🙂 haha.. i can imagine how vulgar these italians are. hahaha… good thing talaga we Filipinos are more on the conservative side. Naku.. Por Diyos Por Santo…

  2. if one day I could get to tour the places u’ve been, I would be so thankful for this blog. Inspired me a lot to travel more. This year, Ive been to 3 countries, and hoping to go west… Sigh, thanks for sharing! wish u could follow me on tweeter. just say hi! I’ll be super happy. hehe (jenannevee)