Landmark Alabang is Now Open!

Southern Belles and Alabang Mamas let out a collective HOORAY!!! when Landmark officially opened its doors last July 28. Located in the new wing of Festival Mall, this Landmark is HUGE. The department store is still under construction but the supermarket is already full-functioning and more than ready. I visited the store opening with my girls Kelly and Mika, but I’ve shopped here with my family maybe 3-4 times since then! I’m obsessed. Hahaha!

I love supermarkets!!! Long before I became a wife and a mom, supermarketing was already “my thing” next to eating, hahaha. So in my many years of supermarketing, I would like to think I’ve become some sort of grocery connoisseur! NAKKS NAMAN hahahaha!:) So here are my 5 reasons why I give Landmark Alabang my two thumbs and a pinky up:


The most impressive thing about the new Landmark Supermarket is how ginormous it is. Because it has the luxury of space, aisles are well spaced (no more bumping into an angry lola’s cart at the coffee section), products are more visible on the shelves and more neatly stacked (no longer crammed with each other), and you just have more breathing room to enjoy as a shopper.


Don’t you just hate it when you enter a grocery and they only have 2 brands of meat?? Or just one type of soy sauce?? As a shopper, you want to have lots of choices and Landmark definitely gives you the gift of VARIETY. It’s home to many local and imported brands. Because they have the space, they can afford to keep their inventory bench deep and give you a lot of options. So as a discerning customer, you can actually review each and every product–no need to just settle for that one item on the shelf!


They have all my childhood favorites: Jamaican Patties, Hen Lin, Dunkin Donuts, R Lapids!!! Their food court is also very spacious and clean. I actually asked Patrick to take me out for a mid-day date here—it’s a pretty decent cheap thrills date spot if you ask me!


With it’s sleek design and clean lines, Landmark is definitely an eye-catching supermarket. More specifically—I’m a fan of their good lighting. It just makes the vegetables and fruits pop! You are able to appreciate the fresh produce much better when you are blessed with good lighting.


Parking is a nightmare in most supermarkets in Alabang. It really turns a perfectly good morning into a dreadful one when you’re trying to rush your supermarket duties to make it in time for your son’s class dismissal and you can’t seem to find a decent spot. Waiting on hazard for 10 minutes can make your blood boil when you have 100 things on your to do list. Landmark has very good basement parking—a big plus in my book!

Here are some photos for you guys to check out! Be sure to visit the newly opened Landmark Alabang—spread the word, mamas!!!

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