Last Day in Siem Reap

Here’s the last installment of our Siem Reap journey with our friends. Since our flight back home was set at 1030PM, we practically had a full day left in the city. Thankfully, the hotel gave us a late checkout at 230PM so we didn’t have to kill too much time. We had a late lunch at The Sun, indulged in some Blue Pumpkin ice cream (for the one millionth time! Their vanilla brownie is my favorite!), dropped by the Old Market to buy some souvenirs, and finally made our way to the Tripadvisor favorite: Touich Restaurant for dinner. By 830 we were back in the airport and ready to fly back home to the motherland.  

Oh and a few more tips before I wrap this up! Since Siem Reap is heavily dependent on its tourism, you could easily get by with your US dollars as it is accepted in almost all the restaurants, hotels, markets, and even tuk-tuks. To give you an idea, here are some rough estimates based on our experience: a really nice and clean 4 star hotel would cost you around 25-30USD a night (with taxes, buffet breakfast, airport transfers, wifi)—this means you could stay in a 2-3 star backpackers lounge for around 15USD or less a night. We stayed at the Lotus Blanc Hotel, it was a sprawling property with the most wonderfully attentive staff. Cambodians are painfully delightful! If you book a tuktuk for the entire day it will cost you about 15USD, a nice dish in Pub Street runs at around 3-5USD per head, street food is dirt cheap, and ice cream at Blue Pumpkin is at 1.50 per scoop. 

I highly recommend bringing your pocket money in cash form and not relying on your credit cards and ATMs whenever you travel to Cambodia. I usually do half-half wherein I bring a bit of cash and just withdraw from an ATM only when necessary and for bigger expenses I will whip out my Visa/Mastercard..this has worked for me in more progressive countries but I had a different experience in Siem Reap this week. Although the 4-5 star hotels accommodate credit cards, most small kiosks are usually offline and some ATM machines are just as wonky with international banks too. So just to be safe, just bring some cash broken down into smaller bills.Thankfully we were traveling with friends who saved us from starving! Haha 🙂

Thank you again so much to Lea, Drew, Joann, and Mic for making this such a fun and memorable experience for The Pats! And thank you Siem Reap for being YOU! We loved our stay (although short) in your sweet and simple country 🙂
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  1. I’m excited to try the ice cream in blue pumpkin. My friend told me also that it is a must try.

    I have a question, did you booked for a tuktuk prior to your arrival going to your hotel?

    Thanks for sharing your Siem Reap’s experience! 🙂 i can’t wait to experience it too!