Lifetime Asia

My husband and I are certified home bodies. We do enjoy going out with friends and attending events here and there (for both work and pleasure) but there are days when curling up under the sheets and just vegging out seems like the best activity ever. We like watching our favorite TV series together while snacking on sometimes healthy, sometimes junky— food! 🙂 🙂

The Lifetime Asia channel invited me to check out their new list of TV Series and so far I’m liking their line up. At least I have a new channel to consider when channel surfing. Most of the shows really appeal to women like me, but I can see how they can also be interesting for the boys. I’ve heard good reviews about some of the shows on their line up (Mixology, Resurrection, Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne…and Orphan Black which premieres next week!) so I’ll try to catch their showtimes in the coming weeks. You can actually head on over to their FB page if you want to check out their TV shows. 

LIFETIME™ is a leading entertainment network in the United States that offers the highest quality dramas with shows that are contemporary, bold, vibrant and relevant. Lifetime has a heritage of high-profile and celebrated programs that attract some of the top talent in Hollywood. The network brings viewers a diversified selection of critically-acclaimed original movies, scripted dramas and unscripted programming.  

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