Theo has been a happy and dry Huggies Baby since birth. If I remember correctly, HUGGIES was Theo’s very first online “endorsement” as a newborn! Nakkks! That means he’s been using Huggies for a total of 1 year and 5 months now and we have stayed faithful to the brand because we are happy users. It’s a brand we REALLY use and can vouch for! You can even ask Theo’s BFF yaya, Ate MaiMai…she’s a die hard Huggies fangirl! Believer to the tenth level yan, Hahaha!

I wish I was a Supermom with Super Moves but I’m far from that and I don’t think my superpowers will manifest anytime soon. I do have a lot of super booboos which I’m happy to share here on the blog. Hopefully my mistakes will prove useful for you and you can learn from my hiccups 🙂 I was set on making a blog listing down all the wonderful things I’ve discovered about HUGGIES in my nearly one and half years of experience—but let me shake things up a bit and share the times that I “cheated” on Huggies and severely regretted it. Lesson: When you find the one, stay faithful. This goes for marriage and diapers. HAHAHA!

There were only 2 instances wherein I had to make a temporary brand switch because I had no choice, two cases that I keep replaying in my head with a little cringe. The first incident was when we flew to Cebu last year (Theo was 4 months old) and we ran out of Huggies. A few days leading to the trip, I was swamped with deadlines at work and so this working mom had to pack in a rush and deal with the 1,000 things on my to-do-list at the same time. This caused me to miscalculate the amount of Huggies needed. By Day 2 we had ran out and had to settle for another brand which was available in the little store near the hotel. I was a newbie mom and thought “Hey all diapers are the same, right???” WRONG!!! So wrong! His pee leaked through diaper X and got Patrick all wet while we were in a restaurant—eeppp!!! It was a disaster!

The second time was when we traveled to Europe last June. Because we were trying our best to travel light, I only included 1 big pack of Huggies in my maleta thinking that I could just purchase another pack there. Of course, I thought to myself “I’m pretty sure they have decent diapers in Paris and Stockholm.” WOW, I proved myself wrong yet AGAIN. We went through a total of 5 different brands within our 2 week journey from Sweden to France. All 5 failed miserably. I ended up changing Theo’s diaper so many times because he would reek of urine instantly and would constantly scratch and wince in discomfort. Awang-awa ako sa anak ko! My sweet smelling boy was starting to smell “mapanghe” and I felt so bad for him.

At night, I would have to deliberately get up 6-7 times just to change his diaper to avoid leaks on the bed and also out of fear that leaving him with a soaking diaper would cause rashes. I was already battling jet lag and staying up late to do the laundry and sterilizing the bottles—so having the burden of waking up multiple times to change leaky diapers definitely made me even more sleep deprived and tired! I remember finding a Huggies diaper tucked in one secret pocket in my diaper bag and exclaiming to the heavens “Thank you Lord!!!!!!”. It was like I found GOLD! Hahaha! So after our Europe trip, I vowed to never ever put myself through that diaper stress again. I always make sure I pack enough Huggies for the trip and carefully plug it into my packing list. Something as simple as your choice in diaper brand can make or break your vacation, so moms, choose wisely!

Looking back at these 2 instances have made me appreciate Huggies all the more. I can honestly vouch for Huggies as this is the brand that has performed best with Theo: 1) Huggies diapers are pH-balanced and hypoallergenic, which helps protect Theo’s skin from itchiness, diaper rashes, and other ailments. 2) It’s absorbs really well and keeps Theo dry the whole time. We’ve rarely had any problems with leaks (even at night!! Which is a BIG plus!). 3) The material is very light and breathable, which is perfect for our tropical climate! Because it fits him so comfortably, my very active toddler can move freely with Huggies.

As a working mom, having a good-performing diaper for my son definitely puts me at ease. My work is pretty flexible so there are times when I’m able to bring him along with me to shoots, meetings, and client engagements—so having not to worry about Theo fussing over an itchy diaper or having pee accidentally leak all over me while I’m at work is a huge BONUS indeed. And for the times that the job is more demanding and I have to leave him with my parents and/or trusted helpers, it’s good to know that he will be in good hands with Huggies. Just #LikeMomsHug, Huggies provides gentle care for my son.

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