L’Indochine Workshops Launch

Congratulations are in order for the dynamic duo behind L’Indochine: Charlene and Leona! As you all know, I’m not only a big fan of their brand/store–these two women are also dear friends and mom-spirations of mine. Just squeezing my watermelon of a belly into my jeans already feels like a production these days. I don’t know how these girls manage to run a household, nurse newborns (they both just gave birth!), raise their kids, go on dates with their hubbies and still have a flourishing business?!?!? How do you girls do it?! GALING! To inspire other multi-tasking women out there, they’ve come up with a workshop series dedicated to sparking the inner creative in each person. To launch this series, they tapped my dear ALESSA LANOT of Life After Breakfast (yes isa pa ‘tong kaibigan kong multi-hyphenated and galit sa talents!!! hahaha!) to lead the Batik Dyeing Workshop at L’Indochine’s Flagship Store in Megamall. Here are some snippets from my camera. It was fun mingling and giggling with old friends from blogs/media and also making new friends—my blog readers/instagram followers who won the contest joined us too! Thanks guys!!! Again, thanks so much to Leona and Char for setting this up and I can’t wait to join the next one. Follow the girls on IG now, @theinspirationseekers 🙂

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