Lipat Bahay

Thank you Lord for a successful LBD!!! (Lipat Bahay Day) Our backs are aching but it’s the good kind of pain because we accomplished a lot in one day. I’m so proud of me and Patrick! Well, it’s not like we have a LOT of stuff–we only have the basics, BUT STILL!!! It’s still a major achievement for us 🙂 Our twitter feed was flooded with messages from friends (and also blog readers), I loved how everyone was “cheering” for us as if we were about to run a marathon!

I never understood what the fuss was all about but now I totally understand that moving out of your parent’s home and moving into your own place (no matter how small) is such a BIG DEAL. Truth be told, I love, love,love living with my parents and I understand why some couples choose to live with their parents even if they’re married. Save for those awkward moments when they’re lovey dovey in front of me (criiiinge), generally I really enjoy being “housemates” with my folks because they really are my best friends. My mom and dad are not exactly perfect, we’ve had our differences–especially when I was a stubborn teenager. But I grew up in a very happy home and so leaving was never something I looked forward to, it was something I knew I had to do..but never really thought of doing soon.
And I love our drivers and household help too. Ate Este and Ate Marina have been with us since panahon pa ng mga Hapon (hahaha) so they are practically family to me. They’re two moody (but in an endearing way) senior citizens who we joke are the “senoritas” in our house. They just lounge around and watch telenovelas all day and I normally spend lunch chit chatting about celebrity chismis with them. My favorite (evil) hobby is sneaking up behind them and giving them GULAT attacks! Syempre may hampas-hampas sa kin ang mga yun “Ay naku, aatakihin na ako sa yo!” which totally cracks me up! But now that they’re getting older, I think I shouldn’t be doing that anymore. Noted. Hahaha. Here they are helping me carry all my stuff into the movers’ truck. 
Lipat Bahay Day was an emotional rollercoaster for me. Half of me was sad to leave my parent’s home..but the other half was completely ecstatic about the big life change. Of course it’s ten times more complicated with more factors to consider–but it’s almost like how you feel when you graduate from college, may halong lungkot dahil maghihiwalay na kayo ng mga kabarkada mo, may takot dahil hindi mo alam kung ano ang gagawin mo sa buhay..but at the same time, there’s that sense of fulfillment knowing that you’re done with a phase in your life and ready to face a new one head on. 
Despite the erratic weather, we were able to move all our stuff with ease. Patrick’s handyman skills were put to the test as he had to assemble all the gadgets and home appliances–I, well, uhmmmm..I offered emotional support! 

Plus we managed to do an art project! We’re just halfway done–MEDYO mahirap pala siya! Harder than I envisioned it–so it’ll probably take longer than expected. As you can see we are a generally DIY couple because we want to cut costs as much as possible but our legs and backs were starting to ache and all I could think of was “I give up on the DIY! Gusto ko na ng DIFM! DO IT FOR ME!!!” Muscle pains aside, DIY activities are so much fun and a great way to practice working together as a team. Hahaha!:) Pat’s folks just planned to drop by for a few minutes but ended up staying to help us with our ambitious project. Thanks to Pat’s dad who stayed all day to work on it with us and to Pat’s mom for bringing us Pizza. Next project: PLANTS c/o my dad who is a lawyer by day and “The Plant Whisperer” by night. HAHAHAHA!

Our little love nest is still a work in progress but I’m happy to report that it already feels like home 🙂 We still need to save up for a TV so for now titigan contest nalang daw kami ni Pat. We have a few weeks to go before we move into our pad as husband and wife. I can’t wait!!!!

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