Little Luli X My Little Globetrotters

Congratulations are in order to all the supermoms behind the Little Luli X My Little Globetrotters clothing line!!! This versatile line made especially for traveling tots is now available in my favorite store in all of Megamall—L’Indochine!!! They are currently tied at #1 with Tim ho Wan (PORK BUNS KASI!!!) in my list. And this collection is also available in their SM Aura branch too 🙂 🙂  I don’t know how these mamas manage to run their households, take care of their kids, and flourish in their respective businesses too?!?!?! HOW?!? My golly!!! I only have one baby but already I’m a mess and always running around like a headless chicken. I just want to slow clap you guys because you rock! Ako naman, I rock—as in like a rocking chair, kasi hilong-hilo na ako as a working mama hahahaha 🙂 You guys inspire me in so many ways!!! Here are some photos from their recent launch–check out all the kids proudly wearing their fave Little Luli clothes 🙂

P1540911P1540885P1540876 P1540867 P1540879 P1540889 P1540892 P1540893 P1540894 P1540897 P1540916 P1540925 P1540928 P1540905P1540919P1540935

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