Looking Chic in Your 30s



There’s something about your thirties that makes women feel like—errr—women? It’s such an exciting decade to be a part of, the perfect in between of sorts. Old enough to know what works for you, to have things sort of figured out (or at least have a semblance of it) but still young enough to actually take risks, start fresh and make life changes (for the better I hope!). If in your twenties you were young, wild and free (which is great too!), your thirties make you sexy, confident and just oh-so-cool! Your 40s will make you wise, brave, and gracious—and in your fifties, you know you’ll just totally rock. Women get better when they age! Hehehe!

I’m 32 and very proud of my age. I remember turning 30 and just feeling great. Of course I’m writing this with a hugebelly, a minor case of pregnancy rash, and swollen sausage toes. “Gorgeous” is NOT exactly a word I would use to refer to myself these days, but still, being in my 30s has been fantastic! And so I’m totally embracing this whole age thing with open arms. Just for some style inspiration, I’m sharing some of my 30 something idols: Rose Byrne, Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba. Successful, Sexy and Sharp! I love how these women manage to pull off these looks that are age appropriate but still so fresh 🙂




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  1. I am actually just discovering Rose Bryne but Kate and Jessica were my ladies even before 🙂

    I like Kate’s fashion style and is very jealous of her physique. I wish I can have the same body (only sometimes, especially when I am eating a pint full of ice cream.

    Congratulations on the baby.

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