Looped on my Ipod

You know how there always seems to be THAT ONE SONG on your playlist that just best describes the current state you’re in? Well, this is the song for me NOW. I’m not exactly the most lovable person in the world (on most days, HORMONAL MONSTER seems to be more appropriate than GF) but he still makes it look so easy to love me everyday..it’s actually quite baffling. Hahaha 🙂

To all you pretty girls out there, i pray that you too will find someone who’ll make you feel extra special 🙂 If your man doesn’t adore you this way, I think it’s time for a serious upgrade! *Snap,Snap*

At dahil baka magtampo yung mga male readers ko, here’s a song for you too…MWAHAHAHA!!!

One Response to Looped on my Ipod

  1. I love David Ryan Harris! This song is amazing, but my favorite has got to be “Turn Around”. 🙂