The first time we encountered a LoudBasstard was while we were on vacay in Amorita last January. It was the very first thing my husband spotted in our villa. And even before we could dump our bags on the floor, he had his iphone docked and blasting tunes through the LB. Patrick is VERY particular about sound–I guess it comes with his job as a commercial editor–so he was truly impressed by this little (but powerful) bamboo fella. I immediately liked it because it looked way too cool (I’m obviously the more superficial one in this relationship—hahaha). 
So as soon as we got back to Manila, I scoured the net to research about this product and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it’s actually a proudly PINOY made product! This definitely added a bajillion plus points! To be more specific, LoudBasstards are homegrown in Cebu. According to their website, “Loudbasstard wasn’t created to replace speakers or your home sound system, but to provide a personal sound amplifier that is organic in design and environmentally friendly as it uses no electricity. Each piece is cut and dyed by hand, by local craftsmen here in Cebu Philippines.” Here’s a quick video to show you how each LoudBasstard is made. PS I love how this video was shot! It’s great to see a local product elevated in the global scene.
This video definitely inspired me to support this product even more! I’m happy that the creators Koh Onozawa and Franz Ignacio decided to support the extremely skilled local Filipino craftsmen by setting up their headquarters in Cebu. If you want to learn more about their story, just click on this link
Thanks so much to the very sweet and accommodating Juli-Anna of the LB team for sending me a brand new unit to review. 🙂 I decided to shoot a little video to show you how it works. As you can see, it’s a NATURAL GENIUS—no need to plug! Since it’s made of bamboo, it’s pretty lightweight so you can bring it anywhere. It’s perfect for that beach trip you’ve been planning with friends this summer. And unlike its electronic counterparts, it’s very low maintenance and easy to clean. You can lay it on the sand and just dust it off when you’re done. Simple but powerful 🙂

Order your LB now, it’s available online via www.loudbasstard.com. LoudBasstards come in different colors! I got the white one, it blends perfectly in our loft 🙂
And guess what I’m giving away 
LoudBasstards to my readers!

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Example: “I’d play my ultimate summer anthem “Santeria” on my @loudbasstard! Please let me win so I can bring it to Boracay! #pattylaurelblog”
Contest ends on March 11. No announcements on the site, I will notify the winners directly via Twitter. Good luck!

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