Love for the Golden Arches

There’s always this one little place that I love visiting, a piece of my childhood that still exists. It’s the Mcdonald’s in Alabang Zapote. Sounds corny but it’s the place that brings lots of good and happy memories! If the Ronald Mcdonald statue by the Drive Thru area could speak, he would have a lot to report about me.:) I attended a thousand birthday parties in this very same branch, I charmed my suitors in grade school and always got free caramel sundaes, this was the eternal meeting point for all our barkada road trips, this was where my dad would pick me up after a movie gimmick..oh I study/ group project pala.. Hahahaha!!! Sorry Dad!

When Mcdonald’s asked me to come and celebrate their upcoming 30th anniversary with them, I was more than thrilled especially since I’m a true Mickee Dees lover. Chicken Nuggets+French Fries+Caramel Sundae= That’s my PMS cure! The perfect way to eliminate my hormonal witch mode! Hahaha 🙂 As soon as I get a crunch of that french fries…boooooom, it’s over! You girls can relate for sure. Mawala na ang lahat, wag lang ang french fries koooo! Hahaha!

Can you believe it’s been 30 years already? I dug up some classic McDo commercials from all over the world. Some are pretty funny but the last one, from the Philippines, will always be a favorite.


I have a little game for all of you fellow McDo lovers out there 🙂
I’m giving away lots of special edition goodies 
plus gift certificates so you can treat your entire barkada!
Sounds good, ey???

For it’s 30th birthday Mcdonald’s will be giving some select branches a brand new look.
Below you will find photos from each branch.
 All you have to do is match the following branches
Makati Cinema Square, Greenhills, 
North Avenue, and Quezon Avenue
 to their corresponding photos.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Send your answers to 

8 Responses to Love for the Golden Arches

  1. I need to start hanging out and bringing my niece more to mcdo… I didn’t know I’d find pretty girls like you In the playplace! 🙂

  2. reminds me of that high school craze when the twirl was only three pesos(nabila-okan ako sa harap ng crush ko dahil sa twirl gluttony :D)…
    The “Karen, po” ad always pulls my heart strings <3

  3. Had McDo for lunch today. Yum! Love those Jordan/Bird and Korean commercials. It’s pretty hard to guess those branches, kahit i’ve been there many times (north, greenhills and q,ave)

  4. i love mcdo
    college days in mcdo morayta

    too bad no mcdo branch here at bukidnon

    i have to go a 2hr drive to cagayan de oro to eat mcdo

    nice orange blouse ms. patty

    hope u can blog soon where you clothes and accessories 🙂