Love in the Details

Invitation Design by Fozzy Castro-Dayrit
Printing by Printsonalities
Ceremony Styling by Kaye Cunanan
Cross and Curtain by Cecil Filart and Bernice Sorongon
Ghost Chairs by Olive Tree

Wedding Cake by Angela Colet of Swell Sweets
Cake Topper Calligraphy by Alessa Lanot
Reception Styling and Catering by Kaye Cunanan
7 Course Sit Down Dinner Menu by Alessa Lanot
Table Assignments by ME! Yep, that’s my handwriting. Hehehe 🙂
Candy Buffet Set Up by Mel Fernandez and Carms Hernandez of

Wedding Signs by Alessa Lanot 
Assisted by RG and Marge Montemayor
Entourage Flowers by Vatel Manila
Flower Girl Baskets by Kathleen Penaranda and Stef Juan
Photos by Catilo Photography
Event Styling and Catering by Kaye Cunanan
Kaye, when I stepped into the reception area—my jaw dropped. I wanted to tear up just looking at all the pretty little details you prepared!  To see all my pegs come to life, that made my heart swell up. Thank you Kaye for understanding my vision, for being such a good listener and for making this collaboration stress free for me!  You made this bride a very, very , very happy one!And based on the numerous raves from our friends and families, you made our guests super happy with the YUMMY food too! The steak was superb, the desserts were to die for, everything was delicious. We love you so much!!!
Wedding Props by Bernice Sorongon and Cecil Filart
Girlaloos, THANK YOU! Biro mo, may interior designer na, may architect pa kami! Big time talaga kami ni Pat!:) Thanks for taking charge of all the carpentry and design work–things we’re absolutely clueless about! So blessed by you both!

Candy Buffet by Carms Hernandez and Mel Fernandez 
Girls, you’ve become more than just suppliers–you’ve become our friends. Your love for me and Patrick was written all over your sweet set up. Our guests absolutely loved the candy buffet–so much so that by the time we got there, wiped out na lahat! We apologize for the hoarders in our family! 

Entourage Flowers by Dylan Gozum 
Dylan, thank you for exceeding our expectations! The flowers were so delicately put together and they complimented our theme. My bouquet was so pretty I had a bit of separation anxiety. I had it sitting on a vase for days–praying it would last forever! hahaha! I also loved the floral cord you made, this was such a beautiful alternative to the traditional veil and cord. I’m so excited to see our B&B editorial!!! Eeeek!:)

Ghost Chairs by Florence Chan
Your chairs added that touch of class in our very rustic and laid back wedding. They glistened in the sun and made our photos pop even more. Thank you so much for being a part of our BIG DAY! 

Wedding Cake by Gel Colet
Gel, your cake was oh-so0o0o0-delicious!!! We had left over cake for breakfast! Sugar rush first thing in the morning. Haha 🙂 Thanks for designing such an elegantly rustic cake for us. The fondant was flawless and the candied leaves looked so real! 

Alessa Lanot
Huyyy, Misisssss!!! Thank you Zexy for leaving your mark all over our wedding. There’s so much to thank you for so it might take me all day to enumerate. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for helping me come up with a beautiful wedding even with a very tight budget! Your craftiness saved us from crappiness! Hahaha! Special thanks also to Kathleen Penaranda for squeezing your creative juices as well–the flower girl baskets were so dainty and sweet! Exactly what I had in mind! Thanks for working on all the details for me.

20 Responses to Love in the Details

  1. I super love the details Patty!!! I so love the table arrangements, the flowers, the motif everything!! Wow! Sayang I got married last May here in the US, hehe.We are planning to have a reception though in Manila:) Thanks so much for sharing the suppliers. Its so nice, generous of you to share the details! I would definitely get them too! God bless you and Patrick:) You inspire so many people.

  2. Hi Patty, or should I say, Mrs. Filart! OMG! I love every details of your wedding! I envy you! Hehehe!
    My husband and I got married in a civil wedding rights 5 years ago, and hopefully our church wedding will push through this coming 2013. Wishing that our wedding would be as close to perfection like yours!
    Thank you because you inspire many people…at isa na ako dun! =)
    God bless! — Katrina

  3. How beautiful!! I So LOVE all the details! i love all your DIY projects! This is close to my dream wedding!and how cute the candy buffet…something new that i’ve seen in a wedding!

    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing in this blog all your suppliers!

  4. Soon as I finished reading your wedding blog, I have liked the webpages of the creative teams behind the success of your gorgeous wedding. Nice resources! More than anything, you Pats are the loveliest 🙂 Cheers!!!

  5. Your wedding looks laid back yet so classy! It’s so YOU!!! Can you be my wedding planner 10 years from now? haha!

  6. Congrats Pats! Btw, did you hire a wedding coordinator/planner? If yes, who? If no, how did you pull it off (sequence/organization)? Thanks

  7. Hi Patty,

    Your wedding details are so dreamy! I’m also planning my own for next year. I hope you can share where you or your planner got the long burlap wedding runner. Thank you!