Love is in the Air

I stumbled across this post on Facebook by my friend Ferdy this morning “‎3,285 days of marital bliss. More than 10,000 meals shared. 50 lbs added between the 2 of us. 🙂 Happy 108th wedding monthsary! it’s been a great 9 years! I love you Bing!” and just like that I was inspired to make this little tribute post to all the wonderful couple friends I know. I was about to write another mushy post but I guess my readers have had enough of all that…so allow me to send you my love through the musical genius of the BEACH BOYS!!! 1-2-3 IT’S KISSING-KISSING TIME!!!!:) 
It’s time for a JUJU for YOU 
and a JUJU for HIM, too.
The Holiday season is fast approaching so instead of waiting for New Year’s to start your healthy lifestyle..why not start getting fit NOW?! This is the perfect time to detoxify and give your organs a much needed tune up to get you set for all that holiday gluttony. I teamed up with JUJU Cleanse once again for this special giveaway, and this time we’re feeling extra generous so we’re giving away 2 cleanses for you and your special someone! I’m guessing you’ve been taking care of each other for it’s time to take care of your own bodies too, but might as well do it together!:) 
I’m giving away complimentary juju cleanse packs to
 One Lucky Couple!!!

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*Singles are welcome to join! Just grab your mom, sister, or bff to join the contest with you! Good luck everyone!:)

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