Luggage for Your Little Jetsetter

Would you believe, my 9 month old beat me to it? He is now a proud owner of a RIMOWA!! Mama was still saving up for one! Oh a girl could dream!! 🙂 🙂 Theo and I were invited to participate in an exclusive party to discover the wonders of traveling light with this luxury suitcase line. The very popular Salsa Air line now comes in a MINI version. This is just the right size for your toddler to pack his/her own essentials, snacks, and toys in. And because it’s so light, your child can even pull this all on his own.

Theo is still in the figuring out how to walk phase (he’s an active crawler and climber!) but as soon as he masters walking, I can’t wait to see him lugging his own suitcase all the way to boarding gate. Don’t you just find it so cute when you see young kids with their own suitcases? It always elicits an “AWW” at the airport!

According to RIMOWA, This small luggage is made of polycarbonate and it comes in a sophisticated design and RIMOWA’s signature grooves. And although it appears small, the SALSA AIR MINI luggage is actually very spacious too! At yesterday’s event, we were tasked to do a treasure hunt around Adora and pack all the essentials within 10 minutes. I was actually surprised that this tiny suitcase could hold A LOT of things!

The lightweight (3.7 lb) Salsa Air Mini luggage comes in six colors and features the registered Multiwheel® technology. It has the stylish interiors and netting characteristic in all RIMOWA luggages and the TSA combination lock. So you still get the WHOLE Rimowa feel but just in a smaller package! Thanks again RIMOWA for inviting me and Theo to your launch! We really had a blast!

To know more about Rimowa, visit, visit @Rimowa_Official on Instagram 🙂 Thank you to my fave, Ryan Ong for these images!

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