Lunch Break with The Usual Suspects


So nothing fantabulous really happens on a Tuesday right??? Especially when you’re part of the regular workforce. Tuesday is probably the most boring day of the week. Monday brings momentum, Wednesday tells you you’re halfway through, Thursday is just an inch away from the weekend, and we all know how wonderful Friday is, how lazy Saturday can be, and how quiet a Sunday can get. But nobody cares about Tuesdays. Boohoohoo. Hindi talaga siya napapansin! But last week, we decided to make Tuesday count so we all escaped from our respective offices and met up for an impromptu lunch. It actually felt like cutting class in college (oops, I’m not supposed to say that! Kids, don’t cut class—especially my CLASS!! Okay?!?!), only this time we didn’t have to stick to a tight allowance budget—may pera na kami! Hahaha! Since we all work in Makati/Fort, we chose Toby’s Estate in Salcedo as our Tuesday hang out spot. Good times with my favorite people on this planet!!! I love these guys so much 🙂 P1230355 P1230363 P1230367
P1230385 P1230387 P1230393P1230401P1230411P1230384 P1230413 P1230407P1230415 P1230419 P1230426 P1230435 P1230432 P1230442 P1230445

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