Magis X Dimensione

Good morning my happy readers! I had the honor of hosting the Made In Magis event a few weeks back so I thought of sharing some of the photos with you today. Dimensione, the premier furniture and design company in the Philippines, welcomed Magis’ very own Alberto Perazza to Manila. It was an intimate affair with select guests from the press&media, bloggers, interior designers, architects, and students too. Mr. Perazza gave a quick but very interesting talk about the story behind the MAGIS brand–he explained the details so thoroughly and was very generous in answering our questions.
From the start Magis has developed its own culture of experimentation, which involves a great investment in terms of energy, effort and determination. At the same time, it is this culture that provides the courage to push beyond the barrier of knowledge boundaries, to reach important and original results which are the backbone of its competitive advantage on the market. 

This focus on technology allowed Magis to be a first mover in the market through many of its products, for example with Air-Chair (design Jasper Morrison) – which combines a relatively simple design with a sophisticated gas-assisted injection moulding process- or with Chair First- which is the first example of a chair made by air-moulding where the emptying of the frame is not simply applied to the volumes with a small tubular section, but all throughout the extensive and complex volumes of the chair and its backrest. 

Magis’ core knowledge is in plastic materials. Until the early 2000, the focus was entirely on developing new products using this material. Now it is used in a measured way, focusing on more unique and sophisticated projects, adopting plastic only when it can add value to the product. 

This rebalancing of Magis attitude towards plastic marked an important turning point for the company, with the acquisition of different types of technology, such as aluminum die-casting, steel plate pressing and wood processing. 
Magis is a Latin word that means “more”. It is the sophistication of design, the interest in new materials and technologies, the courage to go beyond trends and to consistently show the audacity of an explorer that give meaning to its name. -Text c/o Dimensione

Here’s a photo with my ultimate idol and Bench supporter, Daphne Osena Paez. I’m always so giddy and nervous when I’m around her!Bigla akong nababarok when I chat with her! I end up kicking myself as soon as she leaves—Patty, ano ba yan?!?! What happened to your English!?!hahaha! She’s so charming, elegant and classy—but extremely down to earth and approachable. Ahhh, Daphne for President!!!!

Again, my deepest thanks to the DIMENSIONE and BENCH FAMILY for having me host this event! It’s always great working with your fun and innovative team 🙂 MAGIS products are exclusively sold at select DIMENSIONE stores in Metro Manila.

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