Mail Order Bride

Don’t worry, I didn’t order a child bride online. It’s nothing illegal in nature. I’m talking about THE DRESS! Woopeedoooo!!! I found THE ONE. His name is Patrick. But I also found THE OTHER ONE. My dress will be flying in from Barcelona in 5 months! My pretty dress has a name but I’ll keep that hush hush for now, gotta keep it a secret from my groom-to-be 🙂 Just a few clues to fill you in: it’s all white, it’s drop-dead gorgeous on it’s own so I hope it shares some oomph with me on my wedding day, and it’s in a silhouette I wouldn’t normally choose but surprisingly fell in love with as soon as I fit it! 
My wedding dress is actually a gift from my mommy dearest. Thank you MOM for such a thoughtful and sweet gesture! This is definitely one happy and truly blessed bride!:) When my sister Daniela got married, she bought her dress in Milan where she was based at the time. It fit her like a glove and ever since then, my mom and I were convinced that a ready to wear designer brand was the way to go. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to fly all the way to Europe to get my dream wedding dress. Spanish brand, Rosa Clara, is now open in Greenbelt. A playground for brides-to-be, you can fit gowns and enjoy a glass of bubbly just like in the movies!!! They can customize the gowns to your liking and make a few adjustments with the fit. They have a whole team of experts ready to doll you up for your big day!
I made my final decision thanks to the help of my trusted girlfriends. As soon as we finished getting my measurements and sealing the deal, we popped some champagne to celebrate THE ONE! Thanks to Alessa for snapping photos throughout this memorable event and to Nicole for bringing a bottle of bubbly for us to toast to! And of course, my groom will have to look equally (if not more) dashing as well! We’ve enlisted the help of famous designer (and dear friend) Veejay Floresca to come up with a look for Patrick. He’ll be the pogiest of pogi, that’s for sure. Plus, Veejay will also be making my reception dress!!!! *insert jump for joy here*  I’ll be blogging about our collaboration soon. Yahooo!!! This it guys, we’re getting married!!!

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  1. congratulations! you look so pretty and happy!! wish i could find a man that will make me feel the same 🙂