5 Responses to Make Your Own Havaianas

  1. love your blog patty! i love to travel too..hihi.. i think i’ve spoke to u before..my cousin was your classmate back in HS..sa ICA right? =)nice pics by the way!

  2. Alei, great job on the blog design! You know you can ask for flight TICKETS… hindi lang Havaianas diba diba?! LOL! Wish we could all hang out soon…

  3. Havaianas makes feet happy haha! Loooove your blog Patty! 🙂 I saw your past entries… Totally reminds me of my childhood too… 🙂

    BTW! I saw a pic of us which was taken in 2003… that was funny haha!

  4. I made mine too! I got the thin silver sole and straps and got pins for them. I got a cassette pin, a London guard and an H bling 🙂 That was fun! What do yours look like?:)