Mamon It Yourself

A few weeks ago, MONDE sent me this CUTE Mamon-It-Yourself kit and I instantly had my inaanaks Rocco and Julia in mind. I knew it would be so much more fun to do this activity along with my favorite kiddies. Tamang-tama I was staying at my parents’ at the time (Pat was in the States for work) and they were also in the Alabang area so we declared it a Mamon Monday! Hahaha! Parang holiday lang!:) 
The kit comes with generous servings of Monde Special Mamon, colorful and sweet toppings, and even some Coco Jam and Peanut Butter which works well as “icing” to keep the toppings glued to the mamon, and also some kitchen tools as well to complete the experience. You can also just buy the Monde Special Mamons from the supermarket and use whatever you have at home—grated cheese, whipped cream, chocolate spread, strawberry jam, cornflakes, etc. As much as I loooooove cupcakes (I don’t mind splurging on cupcakes from time to time), I’m glad Monde thought of this idea of dressing up mamons—a cheaper and equally filling alternative. On their own, Monde Special Mamons are already very tasty and fluffy (I hear they use real eggs, imported flour and milk to make these) but it’s also fun to add a bit of jazz and make your kids feel like they “made” something all on their own. 
The kit comes with a recipe book that gives you lots of topping ideas and combinations. But since it was our first MIY day, we just let the kids do their own thing and have fun with the toppings. Julia used the Peanut Butter and Coco Jam as the icing for her mamons and made fun designs with the marshmallows, cornflakes, candy sprinkles, chocolates, etc. 

For moms and titas (like me!) who are thinking of fun and budget friendly activities for the summer, I highly recommend hosting a Mamon-It-Yourself Party. It won’t burn a hole in your wallet and makes for really nice pictures as well. You can join in on the social media fun and post it on Twitter/IG/Facebook and add the hashtag #MamonItYourself! 
Thanks again Monde for sending this kit. It was such a nice bonding experience for us. I’ve missed Julia and Rocco so much so it was sort of my bribe to get them to spend the evening with me. Hehehe! Watch their TVC to find out more about the MIY frenzy, click here.

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