Manong Joey’s Bowling Party

Last Sunday, we caused a bit of a riot at the Strikes Bowling Alley of Palms Country Club for Joey’s Birthday. In between running his business, running for triathlons and running in Sitti’s mind (naksss!Ang corny ko talaga!!!), Joey wanted to squeeze in an intimate celebration with our closest friends. He wanted to do something fun and simple—so BOWLING came to mind. It was a fun evening of eating, bowling, and laughing 🙂 Check out the photos below!

Note:How come BJ always manages to look like a GQ model ALL the time?!?!
 Like seriously, dude. How do you make it seem so effortless?!?!

a.k.a. Mrs. Filart!!! I wish I had a better explanation for this but..yeah..this is how I bowl. I look like I’m doing some tribal rain dance. Or it’s like I’m stepping on a pile of hot rocks and saying “Init! Init! Init!”. Hayyy. I am soooo painfully awkward. Ugggh. Sige na nga, just scroll back up and look at BJ’s picture nalang!

Joann (or as we all fondly call her: Shobe) was the ultimate champ of the night. She conquered her bowling fears and totally shined!!! I’m glad I was able to capture this winning moment—she was sooo adorable! Hahahaha 🙂
 Last few photos before they officially kicked us out 🙂 
We were having so much fun, we stayed way beyond than closing time. Hehehe!
And since this is a birthday post, I might as well be all out mushy with it. I consider myself VERY, VERY blessed to have my husband’s best friends as my trusted friends too. I know a lot of wives out there despise their husband’s barkadas (and rightfully so) because of the negative influence they have on their spouses. This happens to both men and women, believe me I’ve had to cut some ties with the negatrons in my life too. As a married couple, finding (or in our case–keeping) real friends is something we never take for granted. It’s important to have a group of people you can trust, people who will build you up, people who you can have FUN with (without the messy compromises), and most importantly–people who will direct you to Christ especially when times are tough, will tell you the truth when you need to hear it, and pray with you when you’re in the lowest of lows. 

Joey, Dip, Patrick and I even have our own WhatsApp group where we talk about everything and anything every single day—no fail. From sharing little milestones, to work stress, and of course a lot of funny jokes. Of course, when they’re talking about DOTA—dine-deadma ko nalang yung notifications!Bahala kayo diyan! Hahaha! The guys are guys and compared to my WhatsApp group with my own girl BFFs, this group is far from madrama—but still ladened with much love and concern for one another (minus the mush). Joey and Dip are Patrick’s biggest supporters (next to me and his mom of course!hehehe), they encouraged Patrick from day one and continue to do so to this day. Joey really took a leap of faith because he believed in Patrick’s skills&talents—and we owe him a lifetime of thank yous for supporting Patrick’s career 🙂

Both Joey and Dip (and the rest of Patrick’s closest friends) all have one thing in common—they want GOD’s BEST for each other. This has always been the reason why kampanteng-kampante ako sa mga kaibigan ni Patrick. They celebrate each other’s success (career&personal lives) with not a hint of competition or envy—they are just genuinely happy to see God working in their friends’ lives. Because of this, I’m convinced that they would never lead my husband astray (direct him to sticky situations with sticky people) because their values are all aligned with each other. I’m not saying they are all holy-holy guacamole—not at all! These are all imperfect people, flawed with their own annoying traits and weird habits (I think mine comprises about 98% of it!). Lahat ng tao may kanya-kanyang sablay diba. But these people have good hearts, hearts to serve others and to serve the Lord—and that’s all that matters to me and Patrick 🙂 

To our dearest Joey, Happy Birthday Brotha from Anotha Motha (a.k.a Tita Jing). Thank you for being such a wonderful brother to me and Patrick. We are truly proud of you and the many things you’ve accomplished. Kahit hindi na ako yung “Funniest Friend” mo–sige lang,  tanggap ko na..mahal pa rin kita BRO-BRO-BRO (in the Dip voice, hahaha). I have a feeling this year will be ten times better than the last—and that the years to come will be even more exciting now that you have Sitti sitting pretty in your heart 🙂 Awww! We’ve got your back, Joe. Always. MOC, ikaw na yun!!! 

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