Marathon Prenup Shoot

Yesterday, Pat and I did our best posing-posing for the cameras. It was weird and awkward being mushy and sweet in front of an entire team of photographers and stylists..but somehow we managed to pull it off (or so I think). The whole time Pat was just mumbling cheap D.O.M. pick up lines to me while I was trying my best to look if the photos come out all bungisngis, please blame him. The Mango Red team shot guerilla style, with shutters clicking every milli-second. They’re a very laid back and easygoing bunch which made us much more comfortable, especially since it was our very first time to do a photo shoot as a couple! I can’t wait to see the pictures and I promise to post them here as soon as we get them!:) 
Special Thanks to MANGO RED 
for doing our very first prenup shoot!!!
A big shout out to Jasmine Mendiola for my hair and makeup
and stylist Bianca Santiago for making us look oh-so-cool.
Thanks also to the fab team of Rabbit Hole Creatives!

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