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I love everything about the SPRING 2013 collection of Marc by Marc Jacobs!!!! This line feels like a mix of different influences—Japanese POP star meets African Safari meets Organic Goddess chic! It feels modern but earthy at the same time, I can’t seem to put my finger on it..but it works! The layering of different pieces, the mismatched yet still coordinated prints, the fun color palette, the turbans, and of course THE SCARVES!!!!!! I love how Marc Jacobs went scarf crazy for this collection. 

And of could we not talk about these bags?!?!? Aren’t they insanely cute! This is how we should all approach fashion–with  a “I’m wearing something FUN today” attitude. 

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The reason why I’m blogging about the latest Spring collection is because——>>The Marc Jacobs fan girl in me just died!!! Yesterday an extra special package arrived, they sent me the ACTUAL runway clothes to simply play dress up with. THE. ACTUAL. RUNWAY. CLOTHES. EEEEEPPP!!! *insert shriek here* I cannot stress further how this is such a BIG DEAL. Just being able to wear them, even just for a day, gave me a happy tingling feeling all over.  So indulge me as I post some pics of my mini fashion show! I decided to work with the Marc by Marc Jacob pieces into my daily wardrobe—to make it still very stylish but a bit toned down for everyday use 🙂

PS: I’m sorry for not putting any make up on—but I did put some lipstick so that should count as makeup, right???:) I asked my husband to snap these pictures for me and I was just giggling the whole time, I guess I need a fashion blogging tutorial ASAP!Hahaha!:) 

This is such a sweet&dainty metallic polka dot skirt! It’s perfect for corporate fashionistas! 
It cuts just above the knee which makes it conservative but still very flirty.

This scarf is to die for!!!! I went absolute bonkers when I saw it on the runway photos and couldn’t wait to put it on! It’s such a versatile scarf that can be worn in multiple ways. 
This dress is perfect for Manila weather, it’s lightweight fabric makes it extra breathable! 
This is the perfect movie date sweater! Perfect for cuddling with your sweetie 🙂 Oh and the sunnies are from Les Moda.
Loving these SPRING looks??? Rush to Marc by Marc Jacobs in Greenbelt 5 now!!:)

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  1. Hi Ms. Patty!!

    I’m a big fan of yours because i love reading your posts.By the way, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your lippy in here. May I ask what brand and shade? 🙂