Mario and Roberta Get Hitched

Our dear friends Mario and Roberta got hitched last Saturday and the whole gang was there to celebrate along with them! It’s been so wonderful witnessing the weddings of our dear friends, I really love this season in our life right now where everyone around us either getting engaged, getting married, and/or having babies! Here’s to a beautiful beginnings 🙂 🙂
IMG_2510IMG_2518 IMG_2512IMG_2521IMG_2531And I got a ton of compliments about my dress so I’d like to give a special shout out to ANA VITANGCOL (09065692976) for designing this beautiful emerald gown for me. As I’ve mentioned on IG, I’m approaching my 4th month of pregnancy and I’m not exactly in full buntis mode yet. It’s this very awkward stage where I don’t have a full bump yet however I’m also not fitting as seamlessly into my pre-pregnancy clothes anymore. It’s the “Hindi ako CHUBBY, BUNTIS po akooooo!” phase that I’m still trying to figure out. Hahaha 🙂 I told Ana about my concerns and she was able to make this gown considering all my body changes—my weird not-quite-a-bump yet and bigger boobies (ayayayayay!) all miraculously fell into place with this dress. I was able to move around with ease, I was able to breathe and sit comfortably, and I actually looked good! Yeheyyyy! Thank you my darling Ana for making me feel pretty as an awkward preggy 🙂 🙂 If you have a wedding to attend or any formal engagement, be sure to contact Ana as she really is an expert when it comes to customizing dresses for different body types! Find her designs on IG through the hashtag #anavitangcol 🙂

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