Marks and Spencer

Whenever Marks&Spencer comes to mind, I have a little flashback to my tween years. I recall buying my first decent bra from Marks&Spencer in Europe. It was the ultimate dalaga moment for me! Hihihihi. Ever since then it has become my go to place for quality underwear that provides full coverage and support. But these days, Marks&Spencer has gone way beyond bras and knickers. They are a full fashion force providing different styles and trends for women of all ages and sizes. It’s possibly one of the few stores wherein I could actually shop for me, my mom, and my grandma too. Although a big chunk of Marks and Spencer’s collections cater to the more sophisticated woman in her late 30s-50s, it’s nice to see that they are also injecting a lot of trendy pieces geared towards the younger crowd (and that includes me!!!! naks!). 
Marks&Spencer invited me to check out their Spring/Summer 2013 collection at their Greenbelt branch. I was just supposed to “stop by” for a few minutes but ended up browsing a bit longer than expected. Aside from the colorful skinny jeans, tropical maxi dresses, and pretty chiffon blouses, they have a great selection of accessories too! Name it and they’ve got it, from bangles, necklaces, sunnies, hats, scarves, bags, etc—all the accessories you’ll need to glamorize your summer outfit.

I decided to fit a few pieces that caught my attention. Obviously I had too much fun hamming it up in the dressing room! Why settle for a selfie when you can have a selfie-selfie???!!!!! I just enjoyed having a twin sister even for an afternoon. I wanted to see how versatile the green skinny pants were so I tried it on with 3 different tops–and surprise, surprise! They all worked with the bright green jeans!:) Cool!

I got to take home a few cute pieces to add to my summer wardrobe. Check out the Marks&Spencer branch near you and take advantage of their Spring/Summer 2013 collection!

3 Responses to Marks and Spencer

  1. i never tried M & S in Philippines but its true they have really good (“decent”) underwear… here, all of my undies are from M & S much cheaper than La Senza 🙂
    katuwa naman yung shots mo ng sarili I learned a tip kapag magisa lang ako and i need to take picture on myself 🙂
    Happy Birthday! God bless you more

  2. Hi ms patty I hope u will blog about being 30! The milestones in your life, dealing with them, or facing a midlife crisis which is often face by the new graduates! Ah ano pa ba? Hmm it will be better din like advice to their 20s about life love career religion and travel 🙂 pleaseee 🙂 thankyou! 🙂