Marriott Manila’s Tea for Natalie

In a few weeks, Three’s Company shall turn into a Party of Four. Our little Audrey will soon be an ate to another little angel, Natalie. This baby is possibly one of the most anticipated babies—a celebrity that has yet to pop out! Last Sunday, Marriott Manila hosted an intimate afternoon tea party for mommy Cecil, who happens to be my sister-in-law (to be). Cecil has been more than a friend to me–she’s my most trusted confidante, life coach, cheerleader, foodie partner, prayer warrior, and shopping buddy!I ‘d still consider her my sister..even if we weren’t bound by law. We could be sisters-in-food (we both love to eat!). 
Planning this party with Marriott made me realize how much love surrounds Cecil and Jonsy. I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it was to gather everyone to pitch in for all the shower preps. It’s just a testament of how much people care for this kind hearted couple. When you’ve been a blessing to others (day in and day out), it becomes so natural for others to bless you back. 
Marriott did such an excellent job! They dressed up THE DEN for Cecil’s shower. For intimate family events, I highly recommend this particular venue in Marriott Hotel. For a group of 25-50, this is the perfect space for a kiddie party,bridal shower, corporate function, or family reunion. It has a very cozy atmosphere which will make your guests feel right at home. The space is very inviting with its contemporary interiors and natural lighting. Since we were working with white and sorbet colors, the Marriott team made sure to match the table settings and decors with Cecil’s theme.Here’s a really cute photo of the happy family chilling by the garden just outside THE DEN. 
     Pasta, Sandwiches, and Possibly the Most Delicious Fudge Brownies in History by Marriott Manila!   
Of course, my favorite part of the entire party: THE CANDY BUFFET by Sugar and Spice. Mel and Carms will be setting up a whole spread of goodies for our wedding (EEEPPPP!!!! I better cut down on my sugar in the coming months so I can go WIIIILD with the sugary treats on my wedding day!! Magwawala talaga akooo!!! Please don’t tell Patrick I told you that! Heeheehee) so I’ve been coordinating with them for a couple of months now. I decided to tap them for Cecil’s party as well because I just knew they would be able to give the cheeriness and warmth we were hoping to share with the guests. And come on, how could you possibly go wrong with a CANDY BUFFET?!?! 
Sugar and Spice created such a mouthwatering buffet! The table was brimming with gummy bears, chocolate gems, marshmallows, wafer sticks, and the yummiest apple crumble cinnamon rolls (thanks Jantu Revilla). They even posted Jonsy and Cecil’s baby pictures. The whole set up was too cute for words!

My dear friend and (ahem,ahem–time for a build up!) fellow Court Side Hottie and TV Personality George Rocha made this beautiful Macaron Eiffel Tower for our family affair. This crush ng bayan turned busy mommy makes the most delicious macarons in town. Her macarons are perfect for afternoon tea parties and girly soirees. If you’re a non-traditional bride, a Macaron tower would definitely be a nice alternative to the usual wedding cake. Drop by the EMPIRE MACARON Facebook page here.
Check out this lovely Tea Cup Fondant Cake by Marie Pacheco topped with fresh flowers. Marie was rushing in between birthday parties, debuts, and showers throughout the week but still managed to squeeze in time for Cecil’s lovely cake. Thank you Marie for making it so delicate and fresh! And it was super yummy too!!! She also made the cake pops for our guests. You can visit her site here
I am a sucker for small food kiosks, this has now made its way into my favorite snacks list! Sarap! Here’s my lovahhh boy picking up a few krokettens for me!!
Fun and Games c/o Marge and Anne.
Thank you to my BFF Alessa for giving up her Sunday just to facilitate a mini watercolor session for Cecil’s guests! The ladies found the painting activity so therapeutic. Not only were we able to unleash the inner Van Goghs, we were able to pick up lots of useful info watercolor brush strokes and techniques!For more details about her crafternoon sessions, visit her website at!

Our happy helpers! Joy, Anne and Marge, Thank you for helping me with all the little details 🙂 To Sheila, thank you for “rewarding” Lemarc and making our super photographer happy (wink,wink!).

One more time, with the boys! Hehehe! Look at Julia’s face—blame the sugar from the candy buffet! hahaha! So cuuuuute!:)
To all the lovely ladies, thank you for celebrating with Cecil, Jonsy and Audrey!!!:) 

I’d like to thank Jenny Casitas for the Pevonia gift bags. And of course to Michelle Garcia, Vannah Santiago, Windel Estanislao and the rest of the amazing Marriott Manila team for working double time just to make this baby shower truly memorable for Cecil and her family! The service was excellent, the food was DE-LI-CIOUS and the venue was tastefully decorated–you certainly exceeded our expectations. 🙂

Event Photo Coverage by Lemarc Limosnero

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