Matchy-Matchy Couples

And the hottest couple in town…….
Check out our Just Dance Kinect video. And of course we were sporting Patrick’s oh-so-stylish pambahay wear while grooving to one of our favorite 90s tracks!Someone looks like he’s really in the zone..clue, the tall dude with the feel na feel nguso effect! Notice that I kept pulling my shorts up because it was so loose! Hahahaha 🙂 This is SOOOO painful to watch..buti nalang blurred or else you’ll see our ugly dance facial expressions. To our future children, I am sorry in advance for the post traumatic stress this will cause you in the future. We shall set aside a budget for your therapy. mwahahaha!:) A shout out to Pat’s mom who shot this on her camera phone 🙂

26 Responses to Matchy-Matchy Couples

  1. Sorry Ms. Patty, pero I think mas magaling sumayaw sa’yo si Patrick. Hehehe :)) Peace! 🙂

  2. omg! DaPats da Best!!! hehehe.. continue being a funny couple 🙂 super tawa ko. Your future kids must see this video para makita nila ang mga DaMoves! hahahaha 😀

    God Bless

  3. OOhhmyGoodnesss!!!Ms. Patty was that really you and Mr. Pat?? Aaaww,, I saw the other side of THE PATS. .sooo nakakaTuwa kayong panoorin. Am sure you’ll gonna be the coooooleeessst mom and dad in the near future with the coolest kids too.#enjoyed much. “THE PATS,the coolest couple in town” loooveeIt!