Mateo’s, we meet again :)

When you live on the edge—and I don’t mean this figuratively but literally, like on the edge of the Metro Manila map, hahahaha—- finding yourself in Quezon City on a random Sunday is definitely worth celebrating. There could only be 3 reasons why you would find me in QC: 1) I have a work engagement that I need to attend 2) There’s an important family occasion: binyag, graduation, reunion, etc 3) There’s an awesome restaurant that will make you forget the traffic and ditch waze altogether sa sobrang sarap ng pagkain. I love QC a LOT (I spent my college life in Katipunan and worked in ABS CBN for several years after that!) but maaaaaan, now that I live in the boondocks it just feels like a century and a half to get to the North from where I live. So clearly, I always make sure my visits to QC are well planned and worth it. And so you know now that Mateo’s is not just some other restaurant to me. Mateo’s is definitely #3 on my reasons list and it never fails to disappoint. We had a quick and early dinner a few Sundays ago after a shoot and it was amaaaaazingggg as expected. Just to give you cheat sheet, here’s what was on our menu that evening: For starters we had Bruschetta, Croquetas, Gambas, Mateo’s garden salad. Then we went all out with their famous Seafood Paella, Lingua, Lamb Curry,Salmon with Squid Ink Risotto, Crispy magnet sisig (OMG!!! THE BEST!!!) and my super favorite their super juicy and soft Roast Beef!!! I recommend getting a glass or two of their Dalandal Basil, so refreshing. And we kind of went WILD with their homemade desserts: Mango Yema Torte, Lemon Olive Oil Cake, Chocolate Caramel Cake. ALL so delicious and made with topnotch ingredients. Located in 54 N. Domingo Street, Horseshoe Village, New Manila, Mateo’s offers home cooked Spanish food that’s sure to tickle your belly. For reservations, call (02) 6963724. It’s a really beautiful restaurant, perfect for date nights with the hubby, intimate celebrations, or just “gutom ako at gusto kumain ng masarap” random days.


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