Matrix: Bring it Home

I’ve shared this many times on the blog but I’ll share it again. I’ve never been the sporty kind of girl. I grew up in a home where sports and fitness were never really of top priority. Doritos and Lays were probably within the Top 10, though. Hahaha! It was only when I turned 30 that I realized I had to do something about my health. Admittedly, It’s been a yoyo-yoyo relationship for me and fitness for the past 3 years. There are times when I’m super gung-ho and committed to work out and then life hits and I backslide all over again. Often times, the reason behind my “fitness backslides” would always point back to TIME. Whether it be a LACK OF TIME as a working mom, conflicting schedules, or just an overall feeling of inconvenience that makes exercise not the most important thing on my agenda. It’s not an excuse, I know. Thousands of busy people manage to make fitness and health a priority even with a lot of things on their to-do-list—it can be done! And I’m determined to make it work this time around.

I would be first to say that investing in your fitness (working out in a gym, enrolling in a fitness studio, or engaging in group/individual sports) is THE BEST thing you could do for your body! Not only does it make you look and feel good, you are adding years to your life…quality years to be spent with your loved ones. I work out with Patrick with a personal trainer at least 2x a week (If I’m able to drag myself out of bed!) and I’m hoping to increase it to at least 3-4x so I can up my game. Our work-outs are not of the competitive athlete level, they are paced for regular peeps like us who just need to move so our bodies will be in sync with our brains! If I manage to grow some abs through the process, then that would be a welcome bonus. But otherwise, just being strong is really what I’m focused on. Especially since I have to keep up with the most active toddler in town! Hahaha.

To compliment the workouts we do in the gym, I was hoping to find a way to get active at home as well. Even just for a few minutes in a day to keep my heart rate up and running, my blood pumping and the good hormones rushing through my veins. So the invitation of Johnson Health Tech came at the most perfect time. Johnson Health Tech is responsible for bringing high-end, gym-grade fitness equipment to the Philippines and one of the brands they carry is MATRIX. They had a launch last May 9 in Acacia Alabang and it was a great introduction to the company 🙂 I definitely was encouraged to “BRING IT HOME” and to embrace an active lifestyle in the comfort of my own home.

They were kind enough to let me use their MATRIX Upright Bike U50 to give it a spin for a few weeks. Clearly, I’m not the only one who’s enjoying this new “toy”—my husband Patrick is the one who uses it more than I do. It’s a great way to destress for Patrick especially after a long day at the office.

To give you a quick summary, here are some of the features listed on the site that might convince you to invest in one for your own home.

  1.  It has a 16″ Class HD touchscreen (40 cm) and the apps Simple, Track, Virtual Active, Change Workout, Weather, MyMedia, Web Browser. Manual, Fat Burn, Rolling Hills, Intervals, Time Goal, Distance Goal, Calorie Goal, Target HR, Sprint 8 and so much more!
  2.  Comfort Arc™ Seat is ergonomically molded to provide unmatched comfort, support and balance during workouts.
  3.  Easily Customizable. You can attach standard outdoor handlebars, saddle and pedals to customize your cycle to your unique style and needs.
  4. Our Dual Form™ Frame significantly improves rider stability over single-post designs and offers a low step-through height for easy access.
  5. An optimized pedal spacing ( a scientific measurement of the distance between the bike’s key elements) improves the application of force during the pedal stroke, making every ride more efficient and easier on your joints.
  6. The handlebars adjust via an easy-lift lever and the seat adjusts with a turn-and-pull knob for an ideal fit, plus handgrip resistance controls make it easy to adjust the level of challenge without interrupting your workout.

To round it up to 10 reasons why you should give it a try, let me add 4 more of my own!

7. It’s a hard working machine that gives you a good workout but it doesn’t occupy too much space. We live in a small house but it fit right into my husband’s home office! It’s also very easy to clean and doesn’t gather too much dust, it’s so easy to wipe—which is perfect for the OC moms out there who might be concerned that having an exercise machine at home will only add to the cleaning list. Worry no more, it’s super low maintenance!

8. No need to worry about traffic, finding parking, rushing from multiple meetings just to make it in time for your workout schedule—you can now work out anytime at home! Exercise can be done in between chores or even as soon as you put your little one to sleep. You can now call the shots and make exercise part of your busy schedule.

9. The big plus for me was being able to watch YOUTUBE while biking!!!!! I get easily bored so this was the big “OHHHHHH!!! WOW!!” for me! I was dancing to Ariana Grande and Bruno Mars while biking the other day.

10. Johnson Fitness and Wellness Stores will deliver, assemble and even give you a proper tutorial at home. And if anything conks out (which is very unlikely because these are high-end machines), you can easily contact them for assistance and they will make sure your machine will be up and running in no time.

Thanks again Johnson Fitness and Wellness for the BOOST my husband and I needed! Here are some snaps of the Upright Bike!


Matrix Equipment are all available at all Johnson Fitness and Wellness concept stores: Commercenter Alabang, Muntinlupa City; Pioneer Centre Kapitolyo, Pasig City; and SM City Clark, Pampanga. For more information visit

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