McDo Fans Unite

There are days that just calls for a Caramel Sundae with hot fries on the side–for the ultimate PMS sweet-salty-sweet-salty satisfaction. I see Patrick shaking his head right now 🙂 🙂 Of course, he can’t judge me because he also has his Nuggets addiction—so ayun, quits na kaming dalawa. Hahaha!

Guess what, McDonald’s now has a mobile app—McDo PH!! I discovered it a few days ago and it actually works. Ibang level na si McDo, may pa-app-app na sila haaaa..nakkkks 🙂 🙂 Well, this makes it even more convenient for McDo lovers to order. It’s a free app and it can be downloaded on most mobile devices within minutes. If you’re an iPhone user and you are viewing this through your phone now, you can click HERE to start the download.

The McDo PH App is very EASY to use, I don’t know if I should even bother explaining it here because even a child could order through it! You just click on the delivery icon, swipe to select the items, key in the number of orders, choose your location, and that’s it! Mas mahirap pa ata maglaro ng Candy Crush! Seryoso! You can always visit their FB page HERE for more details but the app is pretty straightforward. Pa-Cheeseburger ka naman, diyan! WITH TWISTER FRIESSSSSS!!! Hahaha!

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