Minimal Makeup for Maximum Cuteness

Hahahaha, don’t you just love my blog entry title?!?! Maximum CUTENESS pa talaga!!! Hey, it’s 2014 so I’m claiming it—oh yeah 🙂
I’ve been a happy BB Cream user for many years now. Since I subscribe to the bare-faced look on most days, a BB cream will always be a staple in my kikay kit along with a light cheek tint and lip balm. If you’ve been hiding under a rock for years now—a BB Cream (Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm) works as an all-in-one miracle product. In just one tube, you can get your foundation, primer, SPF sun protection and for some other formulas even acne/oil control as well. It’s a low maintenance product that provides great results. It’s for the girl on the go who has no time to fuss over her face but still wants her skin to glow. This definitely includes me!!!:)

But not all BB creams are made equal. There are some that cause acne, irritation or severe redness, so you have to do your research before purchasing. I personally have tried several brands of BB creams, I’ve had to discontinue some brands immediately because my skin reacted negatively to them. 

Skincare Leader POND’S sent me their latest Flawless White BB+ Line to test. I used it over the holidays and I really liked how this BB cream performed on my skin. Just to give you guys an honest background, I have dry/combination skin which is also very sensitive. In the photo above, I used the Pond’s BB Cream, a cheek stain, eyebrow gel, and lip balm. That’s all 🙂 Kasing ganda ko na ba si Kelly Misa?!?!?! Hehehe! Kelly always looks so happy and fresh thanks to Pond’s BB Cream too!

Here are some tips for Pond’s BB Cream application:
1) Make sure you cleanse your face thoroughly first. 
2) After cleansing, be sure to moisturizer your face. Let the moisturizer melt into your skin for a good 2-3 minutes before moving onto the BB Cream. You can also mist some mineral water to help hydrate your skin.
3) Make sure you wash your hands too, you don’t want to transfer the germs from your fingers to your face! Bacteria is the enemy!
4)What’s great about this BB Cream is that you don’t need to use a lot. Super tipid! You can just use one squirt for your entire face. So squirt the product on the back of your palm and dot it all over your face and neck. Dot on your forehead, nose, chin, cheeks, under eye, etc. And then blend in smoothly and gently with your fingers. The consistency is very easy, so you don’t need a brush for this.
5) You can now apply your blush/cheek tint on the apples of your cheeks once you’ve evenly distributed the BB cream. A cream blush or liquid cheek stain works best with the BB cream for a dewy look.
6) If you want a more matte finish, you can dust a bit of translucent loose powder over it. But I personally skip this step for casual days. I just keep my skin breathable with the BB cream.

So there, that was my quick review of the Pond’s BB Cream. It’s definitely an affordable alternative for girls-on-the go and made for Asian skin. Oh by the way, for this review I roadtested the BEIGE BB Cream. Be sure you test the right shade for your skin tone 🙂

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  1. I Like to use Ponds products, because it works wtih my skin pretty well. So when they introduced the BB Cream, I am very eager to buy beacause it’s less expensive (currently I have clinique BB Cream) plus I do not worry that my skin will react negatively to it (unlike using Olay Products 🙁 ). My only Dilemna was I could not find this specific product in Stores, the one with the color match of Beige. There were only the LIght Shade available 🙁