Mir and Ryvi Soap

Their soap line comes in three variants, each with its own natural healing powers. The Papaya Soap instantly illuminates dull and lifeless skin, the Banana Soap is a wonder bar that prevents the signs of aging while the Tomato variant is perfect for those battling with acne. I urge you to support this local soap company. Please drop by any BEAUTY BAR store to pick up some of these heavenly soap bars. It’ll do your skin good PLUS you get to help others too! A win-win situation for everybody 🙂 

4 Responses to Mir and Ryvi Soap

  1. I love their soaps! It’s super effective! The tomato soap works well with my cousin who has skin asthma 🙂

  2. Happiness for everyone! 🙂 i saw their products and their packaging is really nice! I thought it was imported brand 🙂