Mission Accomplished

Last week, my future sister-in-law and partner in all food crimes, Cecil, celebrated her birthday. Since she’s also a Southerner, I decided to bring her to the nearest beauty mecca. Luckily, the Jing Monis Salon is just a few minutes away, located at the 3rd floor of the Bellevue Hotel in Alabang. It was high time to treat this hard working mom to some quality pampering. She’s been helping me with all my wedding preps on top of the million other things she does on a daily basis. 

Jing Monis Salon is responsible for the glorious hair of top celebrities such as Tweetie De Leon (my ultimate life peg!!! SHE’S SO GORGEOUS!!!), Georgina Wilson, Anne Curtis, and Solenn Heusaff! So if you want to be the next IT girl, then you know where to go. Their prices are quite competitive and pretty reasonable, given the superstar quality of service they offer. The salon can only accommodate a few people at a time though, so it’s best to book an appointment first. Visit their website for more details.
Of course, our girls day out wouldn’t be complete without our tiny girlfriend, 1 year old Audrey, who quickly charmed all the staff at the salon 🙂 Her eyes lit up upon entering the salon and even sat down and waited for her pampering treatment too! Sorry sweetie, we’ll have to wait a few more years before you get a hot oil. With your tiny crop of hair, baka isang teaspoon worth of hot oil lang ang kailangan mo!:) 
You know how all parents think their babies are cute, even if they’re really not cute??? It sounds mean, but you know what I’m talking about! And I know you’ve thought of it too. Your baby could look like a 60 year old Russian mafia boss with a hook for a hand and a tacky gold tooth, and you’ll still find him adorable! “Ang cute cute mo anak” while stroking your 2 year old’s beard. Yes, a bearded toddler..cuuuute. Well, I call those cute goggles. It’s when you’re absolutely infatuated with your own baby and think that he’s the cutest baby in the world. Well, since we dont have kids of our own yet, we wear cute goggles for our pamangkins..so yes, AUDREY IS SOOOO CUTE!!! All biases aside, this is me being completely objective and professional, it’s not the cute goggles..I think she’s universally cute and I think we should have people sign a petition to have her cuteness validated! Hahaha 🙂
The Jing Monis Alabang team gave Cecil a flirty and fresh new look! If she didn’t have Audrey sitting next to her, she would definitely get hit on for sure! Don’t worry, Jonsy, I’ve got your back! I shall ninja-kick all of them na dumadamooves! Hehe 🙂 But for working girls like Cecil and moi, sometimes it’s nice to just give yourself a much needed pamper day at the salon..and look pretty, just as a reward for yourself! 
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5 Responses to Mission Accomplished

  1. hi patty! i’ve always thought you look like ms tweetie de leon. you’re both simple but gorgeous all the time!

  2. little audrey looks pretty smart aside from being cute. i like how she looks at her mom while her hands is at her back 🙂