Mommy Favorites at Belo Med

Since I’ve been getting emails asking about my skin recommendations, I thought I’d compose it all in one blog today! Just as a disclaimer, my skin is not 100% flawless. And I’m not sharing this because I have no issues and my skin is perfect and tralalalalalalaa. NOT AT ALL. Just like most of you ladies, I have a lot of external factors up against me—1) Age 2)Physical Changes Brought About by Motherhood 3) I have less free time these days!

First, I’m now in my 30s. Unlike when I was in my 20s where a low maintenance regimen just seemed to do the trick, I need to really be more mindful in what I do with my skin now. I can’t just slather irresponsibly and hope for the best. Hahaha! Next, as a MOTHER, everything will CHANGE! Your schedule, your lifestyle, and yes even your SKIN! Your hormones will be out of whack and because you are going through stress in new colors, shapes, and sizes—your face will react accordingly. Magwe-welga ang mga pimples sabay sabay!! And lastly, OH TIME! How I wish there was more time for me to do all these pamper treatments—but now that I have my son, a household to manage, a career, and ten thousand things in between, it’s really a HUGE effort on my part to make time for these things. The 2 hours per month that I save for my BELO BEAUTIFICATION is super sacred!!! Just 120 minutes of pure bliss to take care of myself is enough to make me feel beautiful all month! Hahaha 🙂 My husband respects it and takes the baby when he knows it’s my #BELOHOTMAMA time, alam na nya yan!! He knows that it makes feel good and I’m so grateful that he supports my little pocket time of joy! Hahaha!

So here’s a rundown of the treatments I’ve tried at Belo Medical Group in Alabang. A big shout out to the amazing staff there and to Ms. Milie and Doc Pat for taking good care of this mama 🙂 🙂


G-Max (for skin rejuvenation)

What is it: “Combines 755nm Alexandrite laser with an equally powerful 1064nm Nd: YAG laser. GMax has a unique facial rejuvenation option that produces dramatic laser skin tightening- effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles and loose skin for a smoother and more youthful appearance. This is a non invasive, non-surgical process that uses alexandrite and Nd; YAG lasers to tighten skin by heating the collagen under the skin’s surface, causing contraction and tightening. “

My verdict: I think I’ve found my new combo—a botanical cleaning+GMAX treatment every month. I swear by it! This changed my skin’s texture and overall health. It made my skin feel more supple and glow AGAIN! And as a very tired working mama, you have no idea how this has helped me gain back my confidence all over again. The GMAX treatment is really an investment, I would suggest going diligently for at least 6 sessions to really see the difference. There’s no downtime so you can actually do this during your lunch break and head straight back to work looking fresh faced!

Multivitamin Infusion

What is it: “The Multivitamin Infusion is a concoction of  Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Zinc, Amino Acids and trace minerals delivered via an IV drip. It is ideal in boosting the immune system, increasing energy, as well as aiding in cellular regeneration. It works well to supplement the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals that are lacking in our regular food intake.”

My verdict: When you feel like your cup runneth over with mommy errands, work commitments, and other family drama rama—this will give you that boost you need! Of course, nothing beats exercise and a healthy diet to keep healthy but if you need to power up more, then this quick IV drip will do the trick. Bring an IPAD so you can catch up on your favorite Netflix series while having the drip!

Carbon Dioxide Laser

What is it: The CO2 laser is a versatile and effective tool for the removal of warts and various epidermal and dermal lesions. It is a high-precision light scalpel used for incising and excising tissues with subsequent sealing of small blood vessels. It is also an important tool used in blepharoplasty procedures. Computer-controlled and precise, this laser treatment removes unwanted lesions without causing thermal damage to the surrounding skin. It is ideal in vaporizing warts, moles, syringomas and other skin lesions.

My verdict: When you hear the word WARTS, you think FROGS! Slimy, icky, and gross. Warts are not only for storybook banter—it’s a very common ailment that MANY people don’t even know they suffer from. Virtually invisible to the naked eye, it’s quite tricky to spot them. They can be passed on from one person to another and so that means moms can easily pass them on to their babies! EEEP!!! This was a huge NO-NO for me and reason enough to have them zapped A.S.A.P.! As promised, you feel zero pain (you’ll be given proper anesthesia beforehand) during the whole procedure and even after. No stinging even during recovery! Just give yourself about a week to “hide” since you’ll be looking a bit like Morgan Freeman (which isn’t entirely a bad thing) for a few weeks before your skin clears up fully. No marks and scars after a week!


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