Mommy Picks of the Week


Happy Monday folks! It’s a brand new week! 🙂 To start this blogging week on a high note, I’m sharing some of my mommy favorites. These are products I’ve been happily using for the past month or so—I had to make sure I tested each one first before posting. P1340611MY HUROM SLOW JUICER

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a big veggie fan. I love fruits, I could eat fruits all day everyday—but when it comes to veggies, it’s a completely different story. And that’s why juicing makes more sense to me. I’m able to cram in the veggies with the fruits in a glass and get all the sustenance I need to get through the day. Fruits and vegetables are packed with all the good stuff—such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, phytonutrients, and enzymes. If you have a long work day, you can simply use your Huron Slow Juicer in the morning and store in an insulated cooler. “Hurom’s exclusive auger works just like a manual citrus juicer, but with more pressure— it gently squeezes the juice out of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains —without damaging the vital nutrition, color, and flavor. No sharp edges, no whirring blades. Just pure nutritious deliciousness. Straight into your glass.” Here are 3 main points I’ve gathered from HUROM about the benefits of juicing:

  1. With a glass of Hurom juice, you can easily ingest more of the daily recommended amount of 7 plates of fruits and vegetables!
  2. By intaking fruits and vegetables in the form of juice, you can increase the nutrient absorption rate by four times, compared to eating them.
  3. Enjoy even more nutrition in your fruit and vegetable juice, by including even seeds and peels.



Sanicare Baby Wipes

I have this in travel size for my diaper bag and the bigger ones for my changing station at home. They’re fragrance, alcohol, and paraben-free so they’re extremely gentle on the skin. I love it’s cloth-like consistency which makes it more durable for heavy duty wiping—for my heavy duty poop machine. These wipes are very affordable too and can be found in regular supermarkets/groceries.

Mustela No Rinse Cleansing Water

This is Patrick’s favorite product. At around 10PM when Theo starts smelling a bit funky (hehehehe, sweet asim sa pawis), Pat goes “Babe, we have to mustela this bugoy already!”  so I take this out and get him cleaned up in a flash even while sleeping. The no-rinse formula makes it all the more convenient for those moments in the car when you just need to get him clean while on the go.  Just a few spritzes on a clean cotton ball will go a long way! That reminds me, I’m down to my last few drops!!! I need to stock up on this soon!

MD Moms Baby Silk Liquid Powder

My son has no neck—It’s somewhere hidden between all the fat on his face! Huhuhuhu! So I make it a point to clean his hidden neck all the time and apply this liquid powder to save his hard-to-reach places from rashes. And you know what, I’ve also been using this product for my own rashes. My skin reacts horribly to abrupt weather changes, so this has been such a lifesaver for me too. I got this from 🙂

K Mom Feeding Bottle Cleanser

I love, love, love the pretty packaging of Mother K products! They have everything from breastmilk storage bags, ziplock bags (my favorite too!), baby wipes, and this all natural Bottle Cleanser. It’s become so helpful in keeping things clean for Theo 🙂 Follow @motherkphilippines on Instagram for more info on how you can purchase their products.

Lamaze Happy Bugs

My son is now recognizing colors and sounds–I love how he’s becoming more aware of the things around him! Nakakatuwa to see him react to different objects. These happy bugs from Lamaze are his new buddies in bed. I can gently strap them on his hands and legs 🙂 I bought these Lamaze toys at Baby&Company SM Aura.


Theo’s cousins Lucas and Benjamin gave us these books to add to Theo’s mini library. WE LOVE THEM!!! It’s so cute and funny—and in Tagalog too! Hooray for smart Tagalog baby books! I wish we had more books like these. 🙂 You can purchase these books in National Bookstore.




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  1. Hi Ms. Patty, inspired by your Mustela No Rinse Cleansing Water, where can i find those? excited to use it to my baby boy!! Thanks

      • Hi Ms Patty, got my first Mustela set, thanks to you! 😀 Soo excited to use it! By the way, do you use Mustela No Rinse Cleansing Water on the face and diaper area only? Is it safe to use it in the body as well? Thanks! Your reply is much appreciated!

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