Momo Beach House

I’ve been getting lots of messages requesting for a detailed blog account about our MOMO BEACH HOUSE experience from last week, so ladies and gentlemen, here it is!:) 🙂 And I will have to apologize in advance (yet again) for the photo flooding, you know me—when I really, really LIKE a place (in this case–it’s bordering on LIKE to all out LOVE) I try to share as many photos as possible just to give you a generous overview of the resort. It’s really important for me to share my actual photos–snapshots taken from my humble point and shoot–so I can give you an honest review of the destination and you can properly gauge if it’s a place that you would find appealing too. 

I have an undying love for Bohol. Next to Manila and Davao (where my roots are from), Bohol is possibly my most loved province. I’ve been to Bohol several times (for work and leisure) and I keep falling in love over and over again. The people are genuine and delightful, the whole province is clean and orderly, and the beaches are pristine and well-kept. In fact, when I heard about the earthquake my heart broke because I’ve always been a big Bohol fan. There’s still a lot of work that needs to be done but it’s encouraging to see how the Boholanos are getting back on their feet. With restoration projects left and right, I really do hope to see Bohol back in fighting form in the coming months. The resorts however are thriving still, with an influx of tourists from all parts of the world. 
For this trip, I dragged my Thirty Six O girlfriends with me. Marge Montemayor (one of my closest girlfriends and top wedding coordinator) is a TSO wife like me, her husband RG works with Patrick too. And our two little hijas (who fondly call me Mommy Patty), Jaresa and Bea, have been working in TSO for a little over a year now. These two girls are indeed gems in our company and we feel so blessed to have them in our team. I pulled out Bea and Ja at the height of their crazy production schedules (which I can imagine caused extra stress for the boys! Sorry my loves!) but I’m glad they were able to get some much needed R&R since they’ve been working like crazy for the past few weeks 🙂 All 4 of us were pampered silly by the MOMO BEACH HOUSE staff headed by the very amiable resort manager, Ms. Marie. She was a super multi-tasker, juggling several roles all at once (she was the hostess, driver, IT planner, etc) .  And with her soothing voice, pwede na rin Radio DJ hehehe!
Five Reasons why I love MOMO Beach House:

1. It feels like HOME.
As soon as we got off the van, Ms. Marie greeted us with a “Welcome HOME girls!!!”. I loved that! It immediately put us in a “kick back and relax kasi nasa bahay ka na” mode. 

2. Immaculately Clean and Well Decorated Rooms.
I love CRISP and CLEAN. I’d rather live in a clean nipa hut than a dirty/cluttered mansion. Patrick always teases me about this because I would rather slave away ’til 2AM and do the dishes than let them sit overnight in my sink. Hindi ako makakatulog talaga! Hahaha 🙂 I’m not OC about organizing things like most people, we do have our share of clutter too but I just like things to be clean and hygienic! Hehehe. That’s my thing–I’m particular about cleanliness. At kung magbabakasyon ka na rin lang, sana naman malinis din yung pipiliin mong resort/hotel. It doesn’t have to be massive, expensive, high end or luxurious at all—as long as it’s CLEAN then you will find a fan in me. 

MOMO BEACH HOUSE is clean. And not only clean–it’s very well maintained and properly managed. I wouldn’t exactly call Momo Beach House “simple”, I would use the tag “understated beach chic” instead. The decors are well curated, thoughtful and functional. I love that it doesn’t feel like a cliche. Sure, it’s fun, beachy and sunny all over—but it doesn’t appear redundant. 

3. Personal Service.
The signature AMORITA GROUP service was felt throughout our stay. There’s just something about this resort group that always leaves me impressed. They were attentive, personable, and charming. Each and every person in the resort made an impression. Even the manong security guard carried himself so well! He was so helpful and kind just like the rest of the staff members.

I also love the Manila based team as well. The coordination between the Manila office and Bohol resorts (Amorita and Momo) are always seamless. Avery and Carissa took care of all our arrangements via email, making our trip stress free and without any hitches 🙂
4. Privacy and Security.
Not to sound praning, but when you’re planning a trip with your girlfriends (your spouse or your family/children)—you have to consider how safe the area is. I loved that we had the beach all to ourselves. It felt like our own little piece of paradise! Yet at the same time, we felt confident to roam around the property because it was a very secure and well guarded place. 
5. Family Friendly.
And because it’s a safe place, this makes it very family friendly! Since it’s a relatively small resort, you can definitely book the whole Beach House for your entire clan. 🙂 I can imagine booking the whole resort for Holy Week, Christmas or other long weekends–it’s perfect for big families and barkadas 🙂
Momo Beach House is located away from the famous (and busier) Alona Beach—which is actually a PLUS if you ask me. Ms. Marie and the resort staff drove us to Alona Beach (about 10 minutes away) to enjoy some island action. If you’re looking for a Boracay kind of feel then Alona Beach is for you. They’ve got a lot of restaurants, shops, fruit shake stands and yes, even a decent nail salon. We had our toes done at Charms Nail Salon. Girly-girly trip talaga! Hehehe! Though for me personally, I would still opt for a quiet and luxurious resort like Momo Beach House or Amorita. You can always take a trike to the busy part of Alona beach if you want to do something fun during the day then return to your quiet retreat when you want to just relax in peace. 

I had “Milk Ice” Halo-Halo for merienda (it’s sort of a mix of mango sorbet with fruit cocktail and halo halo all in one—with ice and milk, hence the name MILK ICE! Hehehe ang cute diba!). For dinner, we had yummy and affordable Thai food at ISIS Thai Restaurant in Alona Beach. Their chicken curry and sizzling shrimps are really delicious 🙂

Thanks again to AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS for all my boho beach looks in this post. I snagged a lot of comfy but sexy pieces from their Aura branch 🙂
On our last night, we decided to have a sunset session in their sister resort, AMORITA (which still sits on top of my favorite resorts list). The friendly resort manager, Ms. Hermie, was kind enough to give us a personal tour and I’m happy to report that Amorita is expanding! Yes! They’re building a whole new annex with more rooms and amenities for their guests.  So for those who are planning a beach wedding, you might want to consider Amorita for your destination wedding. The spectacular view from the resort is hard to beat and with more rooms to accommodate your guests, it seems like the perfect beach wedding spot!
I will always remember Amorita so fondly, especially since Patrick and I stayed in this resort just a few months after our wedding. They welcomed us for our “Visayan Honeymoon” and like I said, it has made it’s way to my favorite resorts list. 🙂 You can watch our Amorita video from last year here
Dear Bohol, you never cease to amaze me. I’ll keep coming back to Bohol til I’m old and gray! Hehehe 🙂 To the Amorita and Momo Beach House family (especially to Ria, Avery, Carissa, Hermie, and Marie) thank you for taking good care of me and my darling TSO girls! And to my dear Bea, Ja, and Marge thanks for blessing me with your friendship. Working with you girls doesn’t feel like work at all because I have found true friends in you three—naks!!! The sunset in Amorita has made me Miss Emo! Til our next girly getaway!!! hahaha!

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  1. hello ms patty, thanks for featuring bohol in your blog, I love all your photos 🙂 btw, what camera and settings you use? ,,, I am happy and kilig if you tell stories about your bohol, I have boholana blood, eh, my last visit was 2012 pa. though i’ve been a lot of places, nothing compares bohol., god bless on your career–your everyday blog stalker, christel 🙂

  2. Hi Patty! What camera do you use, for travel and for your every day posts? Your pictures are so bright and crisp. Thanks!