Monday Inspiration

As you guys know, I’m all about sharing positivity through this blog. The internet has been buzzing like mad about “Lin-sanity” all weekend and I have to admit, I’ve become a big JEREMY LIN fan too! What’s not to like about the guy—He’s an overnight NBA success story, a Harvard grad, He’s ASIAN (yeah represent!!!)…and he plays fruit ninja!!! Proof here! But the most inspiring thing about Jeremy Lin is his strong faith. It’s not easy for a pro athlete to be so outspoken about his beliefs so for that I salute him. 🙂 If you want to be inspired further, then let me introduce you to a good friend of mine, Miguel. 
Young Golf Phenom Miguel Tabuena, or “Guel” as we fondly call him, started playing golf at…get this…1 year and 8 months!!! What were you doing at that age aside from pooping and peeing, HA?!?! I bet you couldn’t even count from 1-10! But little baby Guel had a golf club in his hands at such an early age and has been wowing fans through the years. Now he is one of the youngest professional golfers in the world. He competes with golfers who are thrice his age and still manages to make it to the top of every tournament he joins both here and abroad. Plus he is also the very first South East Asian Golf Brand Ambassador for NIKE!!! AS to the TIG ‘tong batang ‘to!

Miguel also happens to be the little brother of Pat’s sister in in short, he’s family to me and Pat. Wise beyond his years, this 17 year old is so cool and steady. I guess having been exposed to the competitive world of sports for many years, Miguel is much more composed compared to his fellow teens (and even more mature than me sometimes!haha!). How I wish more “kids” could be as grounded and mild-mannered as this fella. When he’s not in the golf course, he lives happily as your average teenager. He’s disciplined when it comes to golf but when it comes to life in general, the dude knows how to have fun and let loose too. In fact, every time I come up with a knock-knock joke I always test it on him first..kung bumenta kay Miguel, then that’s clearance for me to tweet it! Kahit sobrang corny ng joke ko, he still laughs to give me the validation I need! Kawawa naman daw ako..Haha 🙂
Today, Miguel posted this on his Twitter account..just a few hours before his big game. And this is a testament of how his faith plays such a big role in his golfing career. I believe it’s his faith too that keeps him so humble and grounded 🙂 If I had all those trophies and awards, I’d be bragging about it all day- everyday..but that’s me, mayabang kasi ako! HAHAHA!
I’ve never watched a golf tourney live, so when we got an invite from Miguel to catch the Philippine Open we were so excited to support him!!! We brought along our friends Muffin and Don as well (fans of Mr. Tabuena too!) and followed Miguel throughout the game..yes, we walked to all 18 holes in the Wack-Wack Country Club! 
Ang saya pala ng feeling to be friends with a superstar time, I shall volunteer to be his caddy para may exposure ako sa ESPN! Who knows, baka ma-discover pa ako diba 🙂  It was so nerve wracking to watch! And since we were required to keep quiet at all times, it made it even more stressful to hold in all the shrieks and squeals! I always thought GOLF was a game for old folks and slow pokes, but now I take that all back! It is a game of great skill, intellect, and endurance, it’s really a difficult sport to master and only a few can actually play it professionally. What’s great about Miguel is that his performance gets better and better as he ages. He’s already creating such a big buzz in the golf world now and in no time, he will be a household name as well. Galingan mo, bro!!! Here’s to MORE trophies to take home and more opportunities to give glory to God and to the Philippines! High five, kid 🙂
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