Monday Morning

We’re morning people, my husband and I. There are times when Patrick wakes up as early as 4am for his out of town shoots or to finish an edit.This morning, we got up at 730, hit the gym for a quick and easy 20 minute workout (and by easy I mean–easy!), had a healthy breakfast (toast, peanut butter, hardboiled eggs and vitamin packed green smoothie!), did our morning devotion, and had a little karaoke session with this song..and we did all this before the clock hit 9AM! A big PAT on the back for THE PATS 🙂 What a productive morning!  We heard this song for the first time at Hillsong New York. It’s such a chill song by Hillsong (hehehe!!! pinilit!) that instantly puts you in a peace out mood so if you’re dreading the Monday chaos—maybe this track will help!:)

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